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Review of prices for transport in Munich in Germany

Munich city transport

The city has an extensive public transport system includes bus, tram, metro (U-Bahn).

The payment system involves 4 zones: 1 - Innerraum (white), 2 - XXL (white and green), 3 - Aubenraum (green, yellow and red), 4 - Gesamtnetz (all zones). Tariff map on the Munich transport website

Ticket prices, one trip:

  • 1 zone 3,4 USD = 2.90 EUR
  • 2 zones 6,7 USD = 5.80 EUR
  • 3 zones 10,1 USD = 8.70 EUR
  • all zones 13,5 USD = 11.60 EUR

The cost of a short ticket is 1,6 USD = 1.4. EUR The duration of a trip is one hour. A short ticket is valid for no more than 4 stops, with a maximum of 2 of them on the subway.

Transport in Munich in Germany, Ticket prices for public transport
Ticket prices for public transport
Transport in Munich in Germany, Ticket machine
Ticket machine

Travel Tickets

On day 1, per person

  • 1 zone 7,8 USD = 6.70 EUR
  • 2 zone 10,4 USD = 8.90 EUR
  • 4 zone 15,1 USD = 13.00 EUR

On day 1 for 5 perons

  • 1 zone 14,9 USD = 12.80 EUR
  • 2 zone 18,7 USD = 16.10 EUR
  • 4 zone 28,3 USD = 24.30 EUR

Travel for 3 days, 1 zone

  • 1 person 19,5 USD = 16.80 EUR
  • 5 persons 34,4 USD = 29.60 EUR
Transport in Munich in Germany, Munich Metro Station
Munich Metro Station
​​Transport in Munich in Germany, Validator in the metro
Validator in the metro

Details are available on transport websites of Berlin:

Suburban S-Bahn trains

There is also a system of commuter trains S-Bahn. For tourists there is a convenient site where you can buy single tickets for all types of public

For example, for 8,1 USD = 7 EUR you can by a single ticket for a day for both systems, and for 23,2 USD = 19.90 EUR a single ticket for a day for 5 people.

Munich Taxi prics

  • for the challenge 1,4 USD = 1.2 EUR
  • for the first km 4,3 USD = 3.7 EUR
  • for each km of the first five 2,2 USD = 1.9. EUR then 2 USD = 1.7 EUR
  • for an hour of waiting 32,6 USD = 28 EUR
  • for each baggage 0,70 USD = 0.6 EUR
  • 5-10% traffic surcharge
Transport in Munich in Germany, Booth for ordering a taxi in Munich
Booth for ordering a taxi in Munich
Transport in Munich in Germany, Taxi in Munich
Taxi in Munich

Intercity Buses from Munich

We advise you to pay attention to the monster of European passenger bus transport, the company FlixBUS. Exceptionally affordable prices.

Site for buying tickets:

Alternatively, it’s quite convenient to use the search engine for transport in, which often provides prices lower than on the sites of the carriers themselves.

Car rental in Germany and Munich

Renting a car in Germany is not the cheapest option, and starting a search is usually recommended from large agencies such as:

Cost and features of parking.

Instructions and price tags for payment are marked on urban parking meters. Often you will need to purchase a special parking disc (Parkscheibe) with time stamps on which you set your arrival time. You can usually buy it at gas stations and at kiosks.

Car rental in Munich in Germany, Parking machine in Munich
Parking machine in Munich
Car rental in Munich in Germany, Parking disk
Parking disk

Umweltzone Environmental Zones

In Germany, it is common practice to restrict the entry of private vehicles into the Ecological Zones "Umweltzone". Before visiting the city, check the availability of such zones and the rules for obtaining permission. Munich is no exception, and its ecological zone is quite extensive. See the map.

The cost of resolution-stickers is from 5,8 USD = 5 EUR to 17,4 USD = 15. EUR Penalty for lack 93,1 USD = 80. EUR

Rent a car in Munich in Germany, Sticker for entry into the ecological zone
Sticker for entry into the ecological zone "Umweltzone"

But it is much easier, and cheaper to leave the car without this permission outside the ecological zone, and walk to the city center

Gas prices in Munich and Bavaria

The cost of gasoline and diesel varies.

  • Cheaper in local villages - around 1,6 USD = 1.35. EUR
  • More expensive, and significantly on highways 1,8 USD = 1.55. EUR
  • Diesel fuel about 1,5 USD = 1.30 EUR per liter.
Car rental in Munich in Germany, Gasoline prices in Munich
Gasoline prices in Munich

Rent a bike in Meunchen

To rent a simple city bike, you can use the city service MVG-RAD. Prices from 0,06 USD = 0.05 EUR per min. Maximum 14 USD = 12 EUR per day. Read more at

Transport in Munich in Germany, City bike rental system in Munich
City bike rental system in Munich

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