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Things to do and places to see in Berlin + souvenir review

Berlin’s attractions and ticket prices

Museum island

The main museum attraction in Berlin located in the center of the city. Entrance fees:

  • Pergamon Museum (History of the ancient world) 12,5 USD = 12 EUR
  • Old Museum (Art of Ancient Rome and Greece) 10,4 USD = 10 EUR
  • New Museum (Egyptian Museum) 12,5 USD = 12 EUR
  • Old National Gallery (collection of 19-20 centuries) 10,4 USD = 10 EUR
  • The Bode Museum (many medieval sculptures, furniture, other works of art) 12,5 USD = 12 EUR

One day ticket to visit all museums of the Museum Island 19,8 USD = 19. EUR Official site

Berlin TV Tower

Located in the city center on Alesanderplatz. The beautiful panorama opens. Adults 19,3 USD = 18.50. EUR children 9,9 USD = 9.50 EUR Official

Berlin Cathedral "Berliner Dom"

Located in the center, on the Museum Island. Excellent viewing platform. Ticket 7,3 USD = 7 EUR

DDR Museum

The museum is dedicated to everyday life in East Germany. Entry ticket costs 10,2 USD = 9.8. EUR website

Berlin Zoological Garden

A large beautiful area, themed pavilions and aquarium, playground and a dining room. Official site

Ticket prices:

  • Adult ticket to the zoo 16,7 USD = 16 EUR
  • Adult to the Zoo + Aquarium 22,9 USD = 22 EUR
  • Children from 4 to 15 years, Zoo 8,3 USD = 8 EUR
  • Children's Zoo + Aquarium 11,4 USD = 11 EUR
  • Children under 4 years of age free

Berlin welcome card

The tourist card gives a 50% discount on the attractions of Berlin + travel card for public transport

  • 2 days 23,9 USD = 23 EUR
  • 3 days 34,3 USD = 33 EUR
  • 5 days 47,9 USD = 46 EUR


Websites for buying tickets

To buy a ticket online is almost always cheaper than on the spot. You can also avoid the queue at the cashier. On these sites, you can buy e-tickets and go through the Fast lane, as well as get interesting ideas for your vacation.

What to visit in Berlin for free

  • Topography of Terror Museum
  • Berlin Wall
  • Reichstag Building (You need to reserve a visit at the site
Sights of Berlin, Bundestag
Sights of Berlin, Berlin Wall
Berlin Wall
Sights of Berlin, Central Railway Station
Central Railway Station
Sights of Berlin, Berlin Cathedral
Berlin Cathedral

Berlin Tours

Example prices for excursions with a group

  • Berlin City Tour 12,5 - 20,8 USD = 12 - 20 EUR
  • Boat trip for 1 hour 14,6 USD = 14 EUR
  • Boat tours 3.5 hours 23,9 USD = 23 EUR
  • Split Berlin - one hour excursion to the Berlin Wall 9,4 USD = 9 EUR
  • Beer tour 36,4 USD = 35 EUR
  • Excursion - Berlin street art 20,8 USD = 20 EUR
  • The best European cuisine in Berlin 60,4 USD = 58 EUR
What to see in Berlin, Prices for excursions
Prices for excursions

Individual tours of Berlin

Individual excursions are in the range 83,3 - 145,7 USD = 80 - 140 EUR for the entire tour for several people, for example:

  • Berlin Segway tour. Two-hour exciting trip to the main places of the city 114,5 USD = 110 EUR
  • Berlin catacombs. The atmosphere of a military Berlin in an authentic bunker 130,1 USD = 125 EUR
  • Berlin courtyards. Walk around the old handicraft quarter of Berlin 91,6 USD = 88 EUR
  • Beer tour in Berlin. 130,1 USD = 125 EUR

Big Bus Tours

Big Bus Bus Company offers hop-on, hop-off city tours and other services. Traditionally, by bus Hop-on, hop-off you can move along the circular routes with stops at city attractions. Usually, this way of exploring the city is beneficial, since you do not need to worry about transport and spend time looking for places. You will comfortably inspect everything that is interesting in order. You can take an audio guide, you will learn about the sights, emphasize the atmosphere of the trip and spend your time with interest and benefit while moving around the city.

  • Hop-on, hop-off bus ticket for 1 day 25 USD = 24 EUR
  • 2 days ticket 32,3 USD = 31 EUR
  • 2 days ticket with a Boat Cruise 40,6 USD = 39 EUR

All detailed information on the official website of the company BIG BUS . Discount when buying online. Traditionally, for children, the ticket is 2 times cheaper. You can also buy tickets to the main sights of Paris from Big Bus.

Sites for booking excursions

Read my review of useful websites to buy tickets for sightseeing tours and attractions

Prices for souvenirs in Berlin

  • Piece of Berlin Wall 5,2 - 13,5 USD = 5 - 13 EUR
  • Trinket 1,6 USD = 1.5 EUR
  • Berlin Air 2,1 USD = 2 EUR
  • Beer mug 10,4 USD = 10 EUR
  • Magnets 1 - 5,2 USD = 1 - 5 EUR
  • T-shirt 5,2 - 10,4 USD = 5 - 10 EUR
  • Cap 5,2 USD = 5 EUR
  • Souvenir mug, ashtray and other gifts 5,2 - 10,4 USD = 5 - 10 EUR
  • Sneakers 83,3 - 104,1 USD = 80 - 100 EUR
Souvenirs in Berlin in Germany, Berlin Wall
Berlin Wall
Souvenirs in Berlin in Germany, trinkets
Souvenirs in Berlin in Germany, the air of Berlin
the air of Berlin
Souvenirs in Berlin in Germany, Magnets
Souvenirs in Berlin in Germany, souvenir mugs
souvenir mugs
Souvenirs in Berlin in Germany, Cap T-shirts
Cap T-shirts
Things in Berlin in Germany, prices for shoes
prices for shoes

Examples of the cost of various services

  • Manicure 10,4 - 20,8 USD = 10 - 20 EUR
  • Pedicure 20,8 USD = 20 EUR
  • Haircut 20,8 USD = 20 EUR
Prices in Berlin, manicure, pedicure
manicure, pedicure
Prices in Berlin, nail care
nail care
Prices in Berlin, hair cut
hair cut

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