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Prices in tourist cities and countries around the world


We collect information about the prices in the various tourist places and countries. How much food in the cafe or supermarket, transportation, entertainment in a country? How about renting an apartment, car maintenance costs, utility bills? How much money to take with you on a trip? Information will be useful to travelers or expatriates, those who are traveling on business.

All prices are in local currency and automatically converted into USD or EUR at the current rate.

We need the information on the topic, pictures, examples of prices, please contact us, if you know that :) We will say thank you and include your information in the main article.


Please, submit prices and photos to the group on Facebook
Matt B 2023-01-11
Excellent page & resource for many to use! One thing, was there a reason why you are only serving google ad demand?

Amaia 2024-02-12
Are these prices updated to 2024

Deeznutz 2022-04-16
Like da page very much very gud

Wortex 2022-05-10
Got 'em

Rao Hashaam 2021-07-13
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Rao Hashaam.

raymonc csapo 2021-07-06
Ilike this page very much thank you

Bob "A" 2020-11-09
Where is any one of the 4 countries in the UK//or Great Britain
such as England, eales, Scotland, Northern Ireland

Nikodemos 2020-10-17
Please can you add bitcoin price for all these products and costs. And maby historic chart about how prices have changend in 1,5 and 10 year periods. Thank you <3

Johns 2023-07-02
You can find UK restaurants menu prices from here

Adnan 2020-10-03
Sir how to sell fruit or food products with other countries market because my country market very low prices however other countries market high prices.

sameer memon 2021-02-04
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thanks and wish you luck

George E 2020-09-12
I enjoyed this page very much.
Thanks for it.


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