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Big Mac index - the cost of a burger in McDonald's network. Big Mac contains meat, vegetables, cheese, bread and other foods. It also includes the cost of renting space and equipment, labor, and other factors. If the price of a Big Mac low then we can say that the prices in the country are low, even if the high prices are relatively high. Research is conducted magazine «The Economist».

Валюта - USD

Country 2020 y.
Argentina 1.15
Australia 4.14
Austria 4.04
Azerbaijan 2.31
Belgium 4.11
Brazil 3.81
Britan 3.79
Canada 4.93
Chile 2.8
China 3.02
Colombia 2.58
Costa Rica 3.73
Croatia 2.86
Cyprus 4.04
Czech Republic 3.4
Denmark 3.95
Estonia 4.04
Finland 4.04
France 4.04
Germany 4.04
Greece 4.04
Guatemala 3.16
Honduras 3.51
Hong Kong 2.61
Hungary 2.08
India 2.28
Indonesia 2.17
Ireland 4.04
Israel 4.81
Italy 4.04
Japan 2.69
Jordan 3.24
Latvia 4.04
Lebanon 4.24
Lithuania 4.04
Malaysia 2.05
Mexico 2.48
Montenegro 4.04
Netherlands 4.04
New Zealand 3.68
Nicaragua 3.34
Norway 4.95
Oman 3.01
Peru 3
Philippines 2.4
Poland 2.21
Portugal 4.04
Romania 1.88
Russia 2.23
Scotland 3.79
Singapore 4.13
Slovakia 4.04
Slovenia 4.04
South Korea 3.2
Spain 4.04
Sweden 4.62
Switzerland 6.58
Taiwan 2.29
Thailand 3.08
Turkey 0.7
UAE 4.02
Uruguay 4.36
Vietnam 2.76

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Martin 2022-09-18
You've spelt Britain incorrectly

Ege 2022-09-01
Big Mac is 3.05 USD in Turkey.
Probably, it is going to rise. Turkey has hyper inflation.

Jim 2022-08-10
In Sweden today, a BigMac costs 39SEK which is equal to USD3.84

Burger King 2022-03-03
Big mac is not worth it no matter the price.

Tony 2022-06-24
Not a remotely helpful comment in terms of exchange rates and cost of living.
I'd suggest that you keep personal opinion - PERSONAL

Doris Smith 2022-08-13
People can make an OPIOION on anything they want to. YOU can decide for yourself if it's helpful or not. Just because YOU don't approve of it MEANS NOTHING! You are NOT God..

Trevor 2022-09-05
Yes Doris tell Him where to get off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fred 2022-09-29
Nic, Karen!! You tell ‘em.

Nikhil 2022-08-10

Five Guys 2022-08-04

Trevor 2022-09-05
lol more like Whoop Whoooshh!!

mr labu 2021-11-16

Andrew 2022-08-25

x y z 2021-11-18

Tina 2021-11-01
Big Macs are nowhere near as good as they were 40 years ago either. The price keeps going up while the quality keeps going down.

Ronald Mcdonald 2022-03-16
I know where you live. I'm coming

anonymus 2022-03-24
magnolias tower india tower 6 floor 22 house B
catch me you dummy

Elon Musk 2021-10-21
Hello K.b

Dorothee 2021-03-06
Anthony: On this index prices for Croatia, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland are all different to the rest of Europe, though it might be close to the thruth, even I think, that e.g. Romania does not have the same price as Germany, but theoratically it is possible.

Bobbie 2021-02-24
A big mac in South Africa is about R50 +_

P Singh 2021-02-16
South Africa $2.14


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