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Food prices in France at restaurants and cafes

Review of food and drink prices

  • Lunch in France usually costs 17,7 - 29,5 USD = 15 - 25 EUR
  • For example, salad, mussels, dessert and drink 23,6 USD = 20 EUR
  • Dinner with wine in a restaurant 79,1 - 118,1 USD = 67 - 100 EUR for two
  • Cup of coffee in a cafe 4,7 - 8,3 USD = 4 - 7 EUR
  • Piece of cake 3,5 - 7,1 USD = 3 - 6 EUR
  • Big sandwich 3,5 - 5,9 USD = 3 - 5 EUR
  • Glass of red wine from 4,7 USD = 4 EUR

On the street, at a bar or kiosk

  • sandwich in a cafe 7,1 - 9,4 USD = 6 - 8 EUR
  • A baguette with filling (panini) 6,5 USD = 5.5 EUR
  • Salad 5,9 - 10,6 USD = 5 - 9 EUR
  • 12 shrimps 28,3 USD = 24 EUR
  • Grilled beef 350g. 18,9 - 21,3 USD = 16 - 18 EUR
  • 200g Jamon 23,6 USD = 20 EUR
  • Milkshake 5,9 USD = 5 EUR
  • Sangria, glass 4,7 USD = 4 EUR per 1 liter 14,2 USD = 12 EUR
Street food prices in France and Paris, Ice cream
Ice cream
Street food prices in France and Paris, Sandwiches and other snacks
Sandwiches and other snacks
Street food prices in France and Paris, cocktails at a bar
cocktails at a bar
Prices in France, Various snacks
Various snacks
Food and drink prices in France, smoked meat (Jamon)
smoked meat (Jamon)
Food and drink prices, Burgers, sandwiches and paninis
Burgers, sandwiches and paninis

Wine in France

  • Bottle of wine at a shop at a vineyard 3 - 5,3 USD = 2.5 - 4.50 EUR
  • A bottle of wine at a bar 11,8 - 18,9 USD = 10 - 16 EUR
  • glass of wine at a bar (60ml.) 3 - 5,3 USD = 2.50 - 4.50 EUR
Dinning and drinking prices in France, wines in a store at a vineyard
wines in a store at a vineyard
Dinning and drinking prices in France, The cost of wine in a bar
The cost of wine in a bar

Menus for lunch

  • Set lunch at an expensive restaurant 35,4 USD = 30 EUR
  • Set lunch in an average restaurant 18,9 - 21,3 USD = 16 - 18 EUR
  • Buffet, eat as you can 15,9 - 20,7 USD = 13.50 - 17.50 EUR
Food prices in France, lunch menu in the restaurant
lunch menu in the restaurant
Food prices in France, lunch at a cafe
lunch at a cafe
Food prices in France, Business lunch at a cafe
Business lunch at a cafe


Pizza 8,9 - 15,4 USD = 7.50 - 13 EUR

Eating cost in France, Pizza menu
Pizza menu
Eating cost in France, Prices at pizzeria
Prices at pizzeria
Eating cost in France, Pizza in a cheap pizzeria
Pizza in a cheap pizzeria


  • A piece of cake 4,4 USD = 3.7 EUR
  • Croissant 0,65 USD = 0.55 EUR
  • Sandwich baked with cheese 3,3 USD = 2.8 EUR
  • Pie 3,2 USD = 2.75 EUR
  • Ice cream in a cafe 1 ball 3 USD = 2.50 EUR
  • Waffles 2,4 - 3,5 USD = 2 - 3 EUR
  • Pancakes 2 - 3 USD = 1.7 - 2.50 EUR
  • Panin 7,1 USD = 6 EUR

Photos - what you can eat at a cafe

Eating out prices in France, Pie
Eating out prices in France, Croissants
Eating out prices Prices in France, Baked cheese sandwich
Baked cheese sandwich
Eating out prices Prices in France, Pies
Eating out prices Prices in France, Ice cream and waffles at a cafe
Ice cream and waffles at a cafe
Eating out prices Prices in France, Pancakes in the cafe
Pancakes in the cafe
Eating out prices prices in France, Panini Cafe
Panini Cafe
Eating out prices Prices in France, Crepes and cocktails
Crepes and cocktails

Kebab cafe

  • Dish: 2 burgers (or kebab), french fries, salad 15,4 USD = 13 EUR
  • 6 chicken wings fries, cola 8,9 USD = 7.5 EUR
  • Hamburger, fries and cola 8,9 USD = 7.5 EUR
Prices in France, Burgers in kebab cafe
Burgers in kebab cafe
Prices in France, kebab cafe
kebab cafe

Restaurants in France

  • Salads 10,6 - 14,2 USD = 9 - 12 EUR
  • Main dishes 17,7 - 31,9 USD = 15 - 27 EUR
  • A bottle of wine 17,7 - 20,1 USD = 15 - 17 EUR
  • In a sea restaurant plate of seafood: shrimp, oysters and other, total 24 pieces 28,3 USD = 24 EUR

Photos of restaurant, meals and price-lists

Prices in France, Restaurant menu
Restaurant menu
Prices in France, Restaurant menus - main courses
Restaurant menus - main courses
Prices in France, menu at a restaurant
menu at a restaurant
Prices in France, Menu in the maritime restaurant
Menu in the maritime restaurant
prices in France, maritime restaurant
maritime restaurant
Prices in France, Restaurant menus with pictures
Restaurant menus with pictures
Prices in France, The cost of drinks in a restaurant
The cost of drinks in a restaurant

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Pasta La Vista 2021-06-19

Pastafucker 2021-06-19

Idk 2021-04-28
How much does pasta in a restaurant cost in Paris?

Pastafucker 2021-06-18
Depends if you do include cheap people who can´t think of anything but saving money...

yellow 2021-04-27

Lucile mazo 2021-04-26
Wow i love bacon and sausage i miss to eat and very cheap.

Pastafucker 2021-06-18
I bet you do.

kunal 2021-03-16
what is the price of smoked shrimp in france?

Pasta La Vista 2021-06-18
Depends on how many grams you buy.

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Lemon 2021-02-13
Price per kg

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it didn't really help me find what I was looking for

Pastafucker 2021-06-18
Neither did U2.

Rodney 2020-10-01
At European cafes, are prices different depending on whether you are standing at the inside bar, sitting at the inside bar or a table, or sitting on the outside patio?

Pasta La vista 2021-06-18
Wow - you are really scared of every and anything - are you not ?

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Techno 2020-11-02
Nope. Same price but you need to ask to be seated exactly where you want.

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