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Housing prices in Paris in France

The cost of hotels in the center of Paris

  • Place in a Hostel 34,8 - 46,4 USD = 30 - 40 EUR
  • 2-3 stars, chain hotel Ibis , 11m2, the price is about 116 USD = 100 EUR
  • 4 stars, chain hotel, Novotel , room 20m2, price about 197,3 USD = 170 EUR
Hotels in Paris, Hotel Ibis
Hotel Ibis
Hotels in Paris, Room at Novotel
Room at Novotel
Hotels in Paris, Hostel in Paris, kitchen
Hostel in Paris, kitchen
Hotels in Paris, Hostel room
Hostel room

How to get a lower price

These are examples of hotel prices in the city center. In a few metro stops from the center, hotel prices will traditionally be 20 percent lower. A way out of high prices and small rooms can be a popular rental serviced apartment through AirBNB

You can view prices, book accommodations and read about the pros and cons of various hotel search engines in my review of hotel and apartment reservation systems

Paris apartment rental

Examples of apartment rental prices

  • Renting a small apartment of 50-60 m2 with one bedroom in the central areas costs 1 276,4 - 1 740,5 USD = 1 100 - 1 500 EUR per month.
  • A small apartment in a remote area will cost about 1 044,3 - 1 392,4 USD = 900 - 1200 EUR per month

How to search for an apartment for rent

To rent an apartment in Paris is recommended directly from the owners through the sites of private ads. There are a large number of housing search sites, the most popular are:

What documents are needed

You can also use the services of agencies, but in this case there is a high probability of getting to an unscrupulous agency that will ask for an advance payment for its services, and all their work will be only in that give you several phones from the same sites. The good agency, which is a minority, organizes a viewing of the apartment, which, incidentally, several applicants come to. And also accompanies the deal. Money is paid only in case of a successful result, that is, the signing of a lease.

In any case, to rent a legal apartment with guarantees, that is, with a contract, you will need a package of documents:

  • A copy of your passport with a visa or residence permit
  • Salary receipts for the last three months (bulletins de salaire)
  • Work contract (contract de travail)
  • Three month tax payment confirmation (avis d'imposition;
  • And the latest receipts for paying for the accommodation you lived in before

That is, you must confirm the legality of being in France, the availability of work and a steady income. Of course, you can find housing for rent, without the requirements for documents.

If you rent an apartment officially, then most likely you can expect the state housing allowance, which can cover up to half the cost of rent. Visit the State Social Security website, which provides housing benefits
Housing in Paris in France, View from the window
View from the window
Housing in Paris in France, Relatively new building, Kitchen
Relatively new building, Kitchen
Housing in Paris in France, Relatively new building, Room
Relatively new building, Room

Buying real estate in Paris

Features of the housing market in Paris

  • The cost of real estate is greatly overstated and is constantly growing, there is always demand.
  • Most of the houses, especially in the center are very old. Apartments need to be renovated.
  • Repair work in the house, such as facade repair or installation of an elevator, is carried out at the expense of the owners, so additional costs are possible. There is a plan of such work, which you need to familiarize yourself with.
  • There are offers below the market price. An apartment can be sold together with an old woman living in it. The buyer pays for the alimentation of the old woman and receives the apartment for use after her death.

Examples of prices for buying an apartment

  • Price per square meter 9 282,8 - 16 244,9 USD = 8 000 - 14 000 EUR depending on the distance from the city center. The average price of an apartment in Paris is about 11,6 USD = 10.000 EUR per m2
  • A small one bedroom apartment of 50m2-60m2 in a very remote area will cost about 464 140 - 696 209,9 USD = 400 000 - 600 000 EUR

Examples of utility bills prices

Utility payments: electricity, heating, water, garbage for a 60m2 apartment will cost about 116 - 232,1 USD = 100 - 200 EUR

Read more:

Prices worldwide

Share new pricing information in France and report bugs:

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