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Maldives prices of cafes and restaurants

What are the prices in cheap eateries of Male

In the capital Male in small amounts there are inexpensive cafes for locals. One of these wonderful cafes Ban`dharu Meyna is located in the north of the island. Coordinates: 4.17973, 73.50814

Examples of cheap food in the Maldives

  • Rice with tuna 2 USD = 30 MVR free chips.
  • Rice with chicken 2,6 USD = 40 MVR
  • And the main dish, which is served only at lunch: curry with chicken or fish with rice unrestricted portion 0,98 USD = 15 MVR ( 0,65 USD = 10 MVR for a fish curry and rice 0,33 USD = 5 MVR ). Rice without restriction.
Eating and drinking in Male, Local food in the Maldives
Local food in the Maldives
Cafes and restaurants in Male, Menu of inexpensive cafe
Menu of inexpensive cafe
Eating and drinking in Male, Lunch at a cheap eatery
Lunch at a cheap eatery
Food and drinks in the Maldives, Lunch - rice with tuna
Lunch - rice with tuna
Maldives food and drinks prices, curry with chicken or fish with rice
curry with chicken or fish with rice

On the street can be eating a soft ice cream 0,65 - 0,98 USD = 10 - 15 MVR

Prices of cigarettes

Cigarettes are 2,6 - 3,3 USD = 40 - 50 MVR per pack

How much it cost to eat in a restaurant or a cafe

Dining prices at a restaurant for tourists

In Male, and now even on small islands, a huge number of cafes and expensive medium range, mainly designed for the locals with money, and of course tourists.

  • Sandwiches 1,6 - 2,9 USD = 25 - 45 MVR
  • Burgers 2,3 - 3,3 USD = 35 - 50 MVR
  • Coffee 1,6 - 2,6 USD = 25 - 40 MVR
  • Cocktails 3,3 - 3,6 USD = 50 - 55 MVR
  • Tea 1,3 - 2,3 USD = 20 - 35 MVR
  • Juices 2 - 3,3 USD = 30 - 50 MVR
  • Buns Donuts 0,98 - 2,60 USD = 15 - 40 MVR
  • Ice Cream 0,65 - 2,28 USD = 10 - 35 MVR for the ball.
  • Popcorn 0,33 USD = 5 MVR

During breakfast, usually a special menu for 3,9 - 6,2 USD = 60 - 95. MVR And of course, buffet breakfast 6,2 USD = 95. MVR The cost of a buffet for lunch 6,8 - 7,5 USD = 105 - 115. MVR

On the photo typical prices in usual cafe on Male

Eating out prices in the Maldives, In a cafe
In a cafe
Eating out in the Maldives, baking prices
baking prices
Maldives cafes,  menu for breakfast
menu for breakfast

International cuisine restaurant for tourists

  • Pizza 7,5 - 9,8 USD = 115 - 150 MVR
  • Pasta carbonara 5,5 USD = 85 MVR
  • Risotto with seafood 6,8 USD = 105 MVR
  • Green salad 4,9 USD = 75 MVR
  • Caesar salad 5,5 USD = 85 MVR
  • Bifstroganof 7,2 USD = 110 MVR
  • Banana Pancake 4,2 USD = 65 MVR
  • Chicken cream soup 3,3 USD = 50 MVR
  • Fruit plate 4,9 USD = 75 MVR

Photos of price-list of a restaurant

Food in the Maldives, Desserts and sweets
Desserts and sweets
Maldives food,  Set for breakfast
Set for breakfast
Food prices in the Maldives, Salads, meat, fish
Salads, meat, fish
Food prices in the Maldives, Main courses
Main courses
Maldives food,  pizza and waffles
pizza and waffles

How much is dinner at a restaurant for locals

Maldives food, noodles and rice
noodles and rice
Eating out in the Maldives, Drinks and snacks
Drinks and snacks
Eating out in the Maldives, Restaurant for locals
Restaurant for locals
Eating out in the Maldives, Cafe for locals
Cafe for locals

Prices for food at the airport

At the airport, prices are inflated by about two - three times, and only shown in US dollars! For example coffee cost 2,5 - 5,5 USD

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