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Prices for attractions in the Maldives and services for tourists

Entertainment in Male

What are the prices for tours and excursions

  • Morning fishing 30 - 70 USD per person for 2 hours.
  • Night Fishing 25 - 55 USD per person for 2 hours.
  • A trip to watch dolphins in the sea 35 - 65 USD per person for 2 hours.
  • Dinner on the island for two 200 USD
  • Snorkelling and turtle watching 40 - 70 USD per person, per hour.
  • Snorkeling 30 - 65 USD per person.
  • Visit the resorts of the Maldives during the day 100 - 200 USD per person from 9 am to 5 pm, includes food.
  • The tour on a submarine at a depth of 45 meters length of 45 minutes. 120 USD

WARNING - All on the tour price are added on top of 22% - tax and tip!

Excursions on the Maldives, Visit the Maldives Resorts
Visit the Maldives Resorts

Photos of beaches in the Maldives

Beaches in the Maldives, BIKINI beach on the island Guraidhoo (allotted small island)
BIKINI beach on the island Guraidhoo (allotted small island)
Beaches of Maldives, Hulhumale beach
Hulhumale beach
Beaches in the Maldives, beach on the island  Male
beach on the island Male

Places to visit in Male

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Services for tourists

How much is a cellular communications in the Maldives

Ready working SIM cards are sold to tourists at the airport.

  • Packages for 10 - 66 USD internal calls cost 0,10 USD minutes.
  • Internal SMS for 0,01 USD international SMS 0,06 USD
  • Internet traffic is also included in these packages.
Cellular in the Maldives, Maldives celluar company office
Maldives celluar company office
Cellular in the Maldives, prices for telephone service
prices for telephone service

Prices in the barbershop

  • haircut in a hairdressing salon 6,5 USD = 100 MVR
  • Hair coloring 16,2 USD = 250 MVR
  • Hair Treatment 97,1 USD = 1 500 MVR

Currency exchange in the Maldives

A feature of the exchange of cash currency in Maldives is a small extra charge plug. It is especially advantageous to exchange local currencies for US dollars. It should be noted long queues and some confusion in the banks, so take your time and patience.

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