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Hotels in Munich and Bavaria for a tourist

Cost of standard hotels

  • Hostel 22,1 - 33,1 USD = 20 - 30 EUR
  • 2 star Ibis 66,2 - 110,3 USD = 60 - 100 EUR hotel
  • Hotel 3-4 stars type Mercure 110,3 - 165,5 USD = 100 - 150 EUR

Housing via Airbnb

Alternatively, you can try AirBNB. There is a chance to get a price tag of around 33,1 - 44,1 USD = 30 - 40. EUR View AirBNB housing in Bavaria:

Accommodation in Munich via AirBNB, Bedroom
Accommodation in Munich via AirBNB, View from the window
View from the window

Private accommodation from individuals through the sites of district centers

With minimal knowledge of German, you can look for rental housing in local villages. The site of the district center almost always looks like Look for the Tourismus section or something like that, then the Übernachtung section. There are guesthouses, privatzimmer and so on. Example: You need to call and find out if there is a spare room.

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