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Getting around Pattaya - transportation fares examples

Pattaya is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Therefore, transport links are well developed.

There are buses to various parts of the country, as well as in Laos and Cambodia. Numerous bus stations distributed around the city and are serviced by various companies.

Pattaya - Bangkok

Buses pattayavan

Minivan, the first departure at 6 am, the last 20.00 at intervals of about 15 minutes. In Bangkok, the bus stop is near Victory Monument (coordinates: 13.765597,100.538023). Fare 2,6 USD = 97 THB Coordinates mini-station: 12.933682,100.900924. All additional information can be found at the company's website:

The same company for 3,7 USD = 134 THB will take you to the main international airport Suvarnabhumi.

Buses Pattayabus

Buses depart from Pattaya Bus Terminal.Coordinates: 12.949273,100.903292.Cost 3,4 USD = 124 THB Arrives to the Bangkok Northern Bus Terminal (Morchit 2)(coordinates: 13.812561,100.548768), Eastern Bus Terminal (Ekamai)(coordinates: 13.719682,100.583959), New Southern Bus Terminal (Sai ​​Tai)(coordinates: 13.780365,100.423723). For more information visit:

Transportation in Thailand in Pattaya, Bus Stop Pattayavan
Bus Stop Pattayavan
Transportation in Thailand in Pattaya, Buses Pattayavan
Buses Pattayavan


The most profitable way to get to Pattaya from Bangkok and back is a railroad. The cost of a one way ticket on the train of 3 class (with soft seats) will not exceed 0,96 USD = 35. THB Time 3 - 4 hours. Running once a day!

Transportation in Thailand in Pattaya, Train ticket
Train ticket
Transportation in Thailand in Pattaya, Wagon Class 3
Wagon Class 3
Transportation in Thailand in Pattaya, Train to Bangkok
Train to Bangkok
Transportation in Thailand in Pattaya, Railway station in Pattaya
Railway station in Pattaya

Bus to Udon Thani and Nong Khai

Pattaya - Udon Thani - Nong Khai (a small town on the border with Laos, where you can quickly and cheaply get to Vientiane). Old, but quite normal double decker bus will take you to Udon Thani and Nong Khai in 12 hours. Mostly the food is included in the cost of the trip.

  • VIP (first floor of the bus) 18,7 USD = 686 THB
  • Usual comfortable enough well-folding seat with leg support the second floor 15 USD = 551. THB

The name of the bus company: 407 Pattana Company Limited.Coordinates bus station: 12.933376,100.900355(a small building near the gas station). Tickets can be purchased 15 days in advance.

Transportation in Pattaya, The bus to  Udon Thani and Nong Khai
The bus to Udon Thani and Nong Khai
Transportation in Pattaya, Bus to the border with Laos
Bus to the border with Laos
Transportation in Pattaya, The seat inside the bus
The seat inside the bus
Transportation in Pattaya, Bus ticket
Bus ticket
Transportation in Pattaya, Prices for buses to various destinations
Prices for buses to various destinations

Private mini-buses fares

  • Airport 13,7 USD = 500 THB
  • Phuket 43,7 USD = 1 600 THB
  • Koh Samui 43,7 USD = 1 600 THB
  • Hatya 38,2 USD = 1 400 THB
  • Kanchanaburi 19,1 USD = 700 THB
  • Hua Hin 21,8 USD = 800 THB
  • Trat 16,4 USD = 600 THB
  • Cambodia 27,3 USD = 1000 THB
  • Siem Reap 41 USD = 1 500 THB

Features taxi and tuk tuks.

There are no Tuk tuks in Pattaya. Route Sanglou costs 0,27 USD = 10 THB (in some areas 0,55 USD = 20 THB ).

Rent a bike

Rent mopeds from 2,7 USD = 100 THB per day. For a month 68,3 USD = 2 500 THB

Transportation in Pattaya, Shuttle Sanglou
Shuttle Sanglou
Transportation in Pattaya, Prices for rent motorbike
Prices for rent motorbike

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Mayank 2023-08-06
In Phuket jain food Available?

And please advice what is food items available in phuket as a jain menu

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hi, somebody know how much is milk powder for baby 1 year old ? its better buy in Thailand Pharmacy or supermarket ? Thanx

สุภาพ 2022-11-12
Around 1400 THB 00g-8851359705328
Price not different in phamarcy or supermarket. But we usually shopping via app like shopee, lazada.

Abhishek 2022-06-18
Nice information..hope it would be so helpful

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If it looks like a tomato, smells like a tomato and tastes like a tomato it probably is a tomato

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Tomatoes are botanically defined as fruits because they form from a flower and contain seeds.

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