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Pattaya places to visit and the tickets prices

Attractions and the prices

  • Billiards 5,5 - 6,9 USD = 200 - 250 THB per hour per table
  • Bowling 3,3 - 3,9 USD = 120 - 140. THB Extra charge rental shoes 1,4 USD = 50 THB and the cost of socks 1,4 USD = 50 THB
  • Arcades for children 0,28 USD = 10 THB per game
  • Movies SFX Cinema from 3,9 USD = 140 THB
  • Light shooting from 2,8 USD = 100 THB per game
Attractions prices in Pattaya, Billiards
Attractions prices in Pattaya, Bowling
Attractions prices in Pattaya, Children's machines
Children's machines
Attractions prices in Pattaya, Cinema
Attractions prices in Pattaya, Tyre
Attractions prices in Pattaya, Luminous shooting
Luminous shooting

Excursions from Pattaya

  • Self-trip to the island Koh Lan 0,83 USD = 30. THB Boats depart from the main pier.
  • Tour: Kanchanaburi, River Kwai, waterfall "Erawan". Two days 63,3 USD = 2 300 THB
  • Village of long-necked and Wat Yan 23,4 USD = 850 THB
  • Oceanarium 17,9 USD = 650 THB
  • Shaw and swimming with dolphins 20,6 USD = 750 THB per hour
  • Snake Farm, 2 hours 12,4 USD = 450 THB
  • Jeep Safari 63,3 USD = 2 300 THB
  • Koh Samet, 1 day 35,8 USD = 1 300 THB
  • Koh Laan, speedboat 19,3 USD = 700 THB
  • Koh Chang 22 USD = 800 THB
  • Diving (snorkelling) from 30,3 USD = 1 100 THB
  • Marine Safaris 52,3 USD = 1 900 THB
  • Sea Fishing 35,8 USD = 1 300 THB
  • night squid fishing 46,8 USD = 1 700 THB

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Attractions in Pattaya (Thailand), A trip to the Ko Lan island
A trip to the Ko Lan island
Attractions in Pattaya (Thailand), Diving and snokling
Diving and snokling

Tours and visa run from Pattaya

  • Visa run to Cambodia is from 55 USD = 2 000 THB
  • Visa run to Laos 233,9 USD = 8 500 THB
Attractions in Pattaya (Thailand), Long-term tours to other countries
Long-term tours to other countries
Attractions in Pattaya (Thailand), Tours in Laos and Cambodia (+ visa)
Tours in Laos and Cambodia (+ visa)

Cost of massage and spa

  • Foot fish massage 4,1 USD = 150 THB for one, for two 6,9 USD = 250 THB
  • Thai massage from 2,8 USD = 100 THB per hour
Attractions in Pattaya (Thailand), Fish Spa
Fish Spa
Attractions in Pattaya (Thailand), Thai massage
Thai massage

Things and gifts

  • Bags from 20,6 USD = 750 THB
  • T souvenir cotton 2,8 USD = 100 THB
Attractions Thailand (Pattaya), Bags
Attractions Thailand (Pattaya), T-shirt

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Mayank 2023-08-06
In Phuket jain food Available?

And please advice what is food items available in phuket as a jain menu

blanca 2022-10-22
hi, somebody know how much is milk powder for baby 1 year old ? its better buy in Thailand Pharmacy or supermarket ? Thanx

สุภาพ 2022-11-12
Around 1400 THB 00g-8851359705328
Price not different in phamarcy or supermarket. But we usually shopping via app like shopee, lazada.

Abhishek 2022-06-18
Nice information..hope it would be so helpful

John 2021-11-26
Looking to buy 10 kg of chicken breast carrots sweet potato at good price I make dog food for 3 dogs so do often.

Bobo 2021-11-06
Next hot topic, rent..

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More information

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Just to be pedantic a tomato is a fruit not a vegetable :)

Keith 2023-10-15
To be pedantic you need to do some research
A tomaton is BOTH a fruit and a vegetable

Bill Durborow 2022-08-03
To be specific, they are a berry.

Ron 2022-03-07
No it's a tomato

RonboyNZ 2023-04-22
If it looks like a tomato, smells like a tomato and tastes like a tomato it probably is a tomato

alain 2021-05-28
it is both

Moses 2021-07-02
Tomatoes are botanically defined as fruits because they form from a flower and contain seeds.

JB 2021-07-29
So does that mean peppers are also a fruit? As they also formed from a flower and produce seeds?

Ken 2023-09-02
So is a chilli it's got a flower is that a fruit.

JB 2021-07-29
And also eggplant should be included in this as well.

Ney Marjr 2021-01-13
Lovely bangkok

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Thanks it’s very helpful

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