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Holtes prices in Chiang Mai

Budget accommodation for rent

Budget room rates in hotels and guest houses range 4,8 - 9,7 USD = 150 - 300 THB per night. This price usually includes everything except breakfast, including the internet, but everything must be asked. In Thailand, as in many countries in Asia, you will never know, what is the situation inside the rooms, untill you looked a the room by yourself. Remember that non-smoking is not prohibited in law in Thailand, so check it yourself. Payment is almost always in cash. Medium-low price range around 450 USD Remember that the price tag and the quality of the rooms in Thailand are not related to each other. Do not like it - go and look for more, be sure to find.

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Rental housing for a long time and utilities prices

All complicated and less expensive when you want to rent a house for a long time, usually a month or more. Prices are from 80,5 USD = 2 500 THB per month for the Thai style houses, where you will be surrounded by the locals. Average prices for condos and guest houses 112,7 - 161 USD = 3 500 - 5 000 THB Prices for a month, three months and year can be different if the calculation for the month. Do not forget to ask about it. On top of this price you will be asked to pay:

  • For electricity approximately 0,16 - 0,39 USD = 5 - 12 THB per kilowatt - hour
  • And water 0,48 - 0,81 USD = 15 - 25 THB per cubic meter
  • Or, if the water metering is absence, you will be asked for a fixed amount, such as 6,4 - 16,1 USD = 200 - 500 THB per month per room.
  • Sometimes you have to pay extra internet if you need it, 6,4 - 9,7 USD = 200 - 300 THB per month

Often you will be asking for a deposit equal to the cost of one or two months of rent, which will be returned upon check out.

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