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Attractions prices on Phuket

Places to visit

  • Butterfly Garden 8,4 USD = 300 THB
  • Transsexual show 16,8 - 22,4 USD = 600 - 800 THB
  • Thai Boxing 41,9 USD = 1 500 THB
  • Phuket fantasy (Park of recreation) 55,9 USD = 2 000 THB
  • Zoo Phuket Adult 11,2 USD = 400 THB Child 5,6 USD = 200 THB
  • the national Museum of Thailand 0,84 USD = 30 THB

On the beath

Sunbed on the beach under an umbrella costs 2,8 USD = 100 THB


It is necessary to be engaged in diving surely. For many, including me, underwater world has become the brightest impression from Phuket. Beginners offer dives of up to 12 meters in groups of 2-3 people and the instructor. If there you have a certificate of an independent diver, then the price would be much lower. Example prices for diving on Phuket:

  • 2 dives with the instructor for a beginner 122,9 USD = 4 400 THB
  • Training course with obtaining certificate independent diver 335,3 USD = 12 000 THB
  • Self-immersion, for those who have certificate 75,4 - 86,6 USD = 2 700 - 3 100 THB
The cost of diving (Phuket, Thailand), Diving
The cost of scuba diving (Phuket, Thailand), The cost of diving
The cost of diving

The cost of excursions and tours around Phuket and the inslands

  • Tour on Quad bikes 1 hour + on elephants 30 minutes 55,9 USD = 2 000 THB for children 41,9 USD = 1 500 THB
  • Excursion to the James Bond Island 78,2 - 83,8 USD = 2 800 - 3 000 THB children 50,3 USD = 1 800 THB
  • Tour to the Islands Phi-Phi 83,8 USD = 3 000 THB children 55,9 USD = 2 000 THB
  • Tour to the national Park of Phuket for 3 days 251,5 USD = 9 000 THB children 195,6 USD = 7 000 THB
  • Rafting attracion 55,9 USD = 2 000 THB
  • Tour to the island Raya 55,9 USD = 2 000 THB
  • Tour to Similan Island (one night) 162 USD = 5 800 THB

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Photos of excursions price-lists on Phuket

The cost of safari (Phuket, Thailand), Safari
The cost of rafting (Phuket, Thailand), Rafting
The cost of Excursions (Phuket, Thailand), Excursions
excursions to the Islands around Phuket (Thailand), excursion to Island Raya
excursion to Island Raya
Fishing in Phuket, The cost of fishing
The cost of fishing
The cost of Fishing in Phuket, Fishing in Phuket
Fishing in Phuket
The cost of excursions to the Similan Islands (Phuket, Thailand), Similan islans
Similan islans
Phi-phi islands (Phuket), the cost of excursions, Phi-Phi islands
Phi-Phi islands
ATV safari in Phuket (Thailand), AVT ride and safari
AVT ride and safari
Price of excursions to the Islands James Bond in Phuket (Thailand), Trip to the James Bond islands
Trip to the James Bond islands
The cost of excursions in Phuket, excursion to the James Bond islands
excursion to the James Bond islands
The cost of excursions in Phuket, the cost of excursions in Thailand
the cost of excursions in Thailand
Safari (excursion in Phuket), Safari
The cost of Rafting and excursions (Phuket, Thailand), The cost of excursions
The cost of excursions

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