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Buses and trains in Chiang Mai: fares and shedules

Public transportation in Chiang Mai


Only recently appears a new route network of city buses. Based in the Arcade bus station. Fare 0,41 USD = 15 THB intervals can reach 30 - 50 minutes. Look pretty scruffy, painted white. Location Arcade bus station: 18.800652,99.017876

Sample prices

  • Taxi from the airport Chiang Mai 4,1 USD = 150 THB
  • Tuk tuk ride 1,4 - 2,8 USD = 50 - 100 THB
  • mini-bus ride 0,55 USD = 20 THB
  • Rent Budget car with full insurance, about 27,5 USD = 1000 THB
Transportation Chiang Mai, Thailand, Taxi fare from the airport
Taxi fare from the airport
Transportation Chiang Mai, Thailand, Transportation around the park Dui suthep pui
Transportation around the park Dui suthep pui

Bike rental

  • Road ordinary 0,83 - 1,65 USD = 30 - 60 THB
  • Mountain from 2,2 USD = 80 THB and up

If you rent for a week or a month, rental prices are significantly lower.

But for a month or more profitable to buy in a store a new road bike, which costs from 41,3 USD = 1 500 THB and higher.

Pay attention to the serviceability of the bike and the presence of any visible damage. For bikes usually take your passport as a deposit. Be careful on the roads, the traffic in Asia is very chaotic, and the separated bike lanes are very rare.

Thailand, Chiang Mai, The cost of renting bicycles and motorcycles
The cost of renting bicycles and motorcycles

Intercity buses

Network coaches developed at an acceptable level. From Chiang Mai if you want, you can go direct to all surrounding areas of Thailand. And with transfers - wherever you want.

You can compare prices for bus and train tickets in Asia, as well as buy tickets, with the service 12Go Asia

Buses divided into local long distance cheap and long distance high class

Local long distance

Local coaches mainly connect nearby cities. They do not have toilets, air conditioning and may appear quite scruffy and dusty. If you have luggage, it will put in the cargo net, which is on the roof of the bus. The cost of these buses varies from 1,1 USD = 40 THB to 1,9 USD = 70. THB For example the route Chiang Rai - Chiang Khong will cost you 1,8 USD = 65 THB and about 2.5 hours of your time.

Transportation Thailand, Chiang Mai, Local intercity bus
Local intercity bus
Transportation Thailand, Chiang Mai, Local cheap bus
Local cheap bus
Transportation Thailand, Chiang Mai, Inside the cheap bus
Inside the cheap bus

Green Bus

There are more presentable intercity buses close directions. One of the firms is GreenBus On this website you will find the directions of the buses and their schedules.

Buses of the company are divided into four classes of service:

  • A-class (economy - no toilet), X-class (WC and snack)
  • VX-class (WC and snack, half of the bus with a seating VIP class)
  • V-class (VIP class)

In all vehicles of the company present air conditioning, and sometimes very strong, so do not forget to dress well. Buses run on time and do not usually late.

    Transportation Thailand, Chiang Mai, Expensive Green Bus
    Expensive Green Bus
  • The cost of the bus A-Class from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai is 3,7 USD = 133. THB and 3.5 hours
  • Chiang Mai - Chiang Khong A-class will cost 5 USD = 182. THB about 5.5 hours
  • Chiang Mai - Thung Chang VX-class, not VIP place will cost you 9,9 USD = 360. THB and 8 hours
  • Chiang Mai - Maesai A-class 5,1 USD = 184 THB and 5 hours

Long distance international buses

Long-haul coaches presented quite a large variety of companies. Main line is of course Bangkok. Here are some of them

  • The Transport Company - standard class may without a toilet. Stops at a lot of willages
  • Transport 999 Government Bus - Like previous.
  • NCA - The most expensive and luxury buses. Some of them are so popular that you have to buy a ticket for the two weeks prior to the trip.
  • Chan tour - very nice buses with comfortable seats, food and personal TVs. Cost 18,1 USD = 657 THB between Bangkok and Chiang May
  • Sombat tour -

The minimum cost of this type of buses between Bangkok and Chiang May Day is 11,6 USD = 420. THB Maximum ranges 24,8 USD = 900 THB from NCA. All buses are air-conditioned. Some include the cost of meals and snacks. For food and toilets bus makes a stop. Buses such official companies depart and arrive on the official bus stations. In Chiang Mai's Arcade bus station:

Charter buses

This charter buses hired as tourist offices. They depart and arrive with a pre-specified locations, such as a gas station or a street corner. When planting, you most likely will be picked up on the mini-pickup truck from your hotel and transfer to the parking of the bus. In such buses be especially vigilant and do not leave any bags that you put into bus luggage anything valuable. All valuable and important take with you to the salon. Do not fall asleep with headphones and a phone in you hand.

The cost varies by season. From 7,7 USD = 280 THB to 12,4 USD = 450 THB for the direction of Bangkok. The bus departs at 7 pm, come on Khaosan Road in 5 - 6 am. Frequent severe delays on the road!

Bus tour companies

Drive on pre-negotiated rates and routes. Tickets are sold only in tour companies. Rates, duration and characteristics depend on the direction. The vast majority of this mini-vein.

Thailand, Chiang Mai, Bus tour from the firm
Bus tour from the firm

Trains from Bangkok

Almost guaranteed huge delays on arrival and departure. The official website of Thai Railways: Rail transport is divided into the following classes:

  • Ordinary - the slowest and cheapest. Without assigned seats, there is a toilet and washing facilities. In Wagon about 6 - 8 fans. Usually very dusty due to the exhaust of diesel locomotive. Clothes should be washed after using this form of transport. But cheap. The fare from Bangkok to Chiang Mai with one change (overnight at the station) will be cheaper 4,1 USD = 150 THB
  • Rapid - the same as Ordinary, but should be a little faster and numbered seats, your place indicated on the ticket. In practice differently. It may be a second-class with soft personal seats. And as can be first-class - with air conditioning.
  • Prices from Bangkok to Chiang Mai: Class 1 14,9 USD = 541. THB Class 2 10,8 USD = 391. THB Class 3 6,4 USD = 231 THB
  • Express and Special Express - this is the fastest option. There is a first class air-conditioned lying, lying second class without air conditioning, and also soft and even a coupe. Prices from Bangkok to Chiang Mai: Class 1 40 USD = 1 453 THB second class 24,2 USD = 881 THB

The prices vary from train to train, and also depend on the specific places, such as the top - bottom shelf.

Thailand, Chiang Mai transportation fares, In Thai train
In Thai train

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