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Cost of hotels in Pattaya (Thailand)

Hotels in Pattaya

In recent years, the cost of rent a flat in Pattaya has grown considerably. For 9,7 - 12,9 USD = 300 - 400 THB to find good appatrmet, even in off-season is no longer possible. Something reasonable starting at 16,1 USD = 500. THB For over 19,3 USD = 600 THB can already be clean and pleasant in many senses apartments with a good view and a balcony. As well as throughout Asia, always inspect the rooms, check the toilets, availability of construction next door

The cost of the monthly annuity starts at 96,6 USD = 3 000 THB the average 225,4 USD = 7 000 THB Additionally you will pay for electricity (usually 0,26 USD = 8 THB per kilowatt) and water (about 0,97 USD = 30 THB per cubic meter). Sometimes the water is included in the price. When the term of 3 months or more starting substantial discounts.

accommodation in Thailand (Pattaya), Toilet and shower
Toilet and shower
accommodation in Thailand (Pattaya), Bed in a low cost housing
Bed in a low cost housing
accommodation in Thailand (Pattaya), Inexpensive apartment
Inexpensive apartment

You can view prices, book accommodations and read about the pros and cons of various hotel search engines in my review of hotel and apartment reservation systems

How much is a laundry

From 0,64 USD = 20 THB per load. Your powder (you can buy in the near 7Eleven for 0,32 USD = 10 THB ). Machines are located throughout the city, but not on the main streets and near luxury hotels. Machine accepts coins 0,32 USD = 10. THB Self-service.

Cost of services in Thailand (Pattaya), Laundry


Internet salons 0,97 USD = 30 THB per hour. Wi-Fi internet access

Prices for services in Thailand (Pattaya), Internet salon
Internet salon

Withdrawing money from ATMs

Cash withdrawals from ATMs in Thailand, in most cases, very expensive. Standard payment Thai bank is 5,8 USD = 180. THB Use ATMs AEON, which do not take any commission. Commission will be only your bank (usually from 0 to 5 USD ) +% for conversion of Bath in the currency of your card (usually 2.5 - 3%). At least two of them are located in the Pattaya city

Cash withdrawals in Thailand (Pattaya), ATM AEON does not take interest
ATM AEON does not take interest

Prices for various services

The cost of dental care

Dental Clinic rampant in Thailand. Numbers of Europeans and Americans use thai services to save money. Typical services and their prices are shown on the photo

The prices for treatment in Thailand (Pattaya), Prosthesis
Prices for Medical Services in Thailand (Pattaya), The cost of dental treatment in Thailand
The cost of dental treatment in Thailand

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