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Transport in Prague in the Czech Republic

How much does it cost to get to the airport

Prague Airport is located 15 km from the city. Drive about 30 minutes Ways to get to the airport and prices:

  • Bus Airport Express 2,6 USD = 60 CZK
  • Ordinary city bus 2,8 USD = 64 CZK
  • Taxi cost 17,3 - 23,7 USD = 400 - 550 CZK
  • Taxi transfer with a meeting will cost about 34,9 USD = 32 EUR

You can view prices and book a ride to the airport with the international online service KiwiTaxi

Taxi fares in Prague

In the example, the average prices for a taxi, Uber is cheaper

  • Initial fare 1,7 USD = 40. CZK each kilometer 1,3 USD = 30. CZK waiting in traffic jams is paid additionally
  • From Prague airport a taxi to the center will cost 23,7 - 28 USD = 550 - 650. CZK go 16 km.
  • From the center to the Prague Zoo 7 km. 11,6 USD = 270 CZK

City transport in Prague

The transport system of Prague is well developed. Trams are popular. There is a subway. Public transport is on schedule. One ticket for all types of transport. Attention! tickets are checked by police raids. Read carefully and follow the rules of travel so as not to pay a fine

Ticket prices, all types of transport

  • Travel within 30 minutes 1 USD = 24 CZK
  • Travel 90 minutes 1,4 USD = 32 CZK
  • Travel card for 24 hours 4,7 USD = 110 CZK
  • For 72 hours 13,4 USD = 310 CZK
  • Baggage and pets cost 0,69 USD = 16 CZK

There are various discount tickets, for example for children, as well as long-term passes

How to buy a ticket

You can buy tickets from vending machines for cash and bank card. At some metro stations, it is possible to purchase tickets from cashiers. Alternative payment option via SMS.

On the first trip, you must punch your ticket in a special machine (punch) To plan a route, learn more about tariffs and other services, please visit the official website:

City transport in Prague, Tram in Prague
Tram in Prague
Public transport in Prague, Prices for travel in public transport
Prices for travel in public transport
City transport in Prague, Ticket machine
Ticket machine
City transport in Prague, Purchase tickets via SMS
Purchase tickets via SMS

Car rental and car costs in the Czech Republic

Approximate prices for car rental in Prague per day

  • Opel Corsa MT 19,6 USD = 18 EUR
  • FW Golf MT 21,8 USD = 20 EUR
  • FW Polo AT 26,1 USD = 24 EUR
  • FW Golf AT 29,4 USD = 27 EUR
  • For full insurance without deductible 10,9 USD = 10 EUR

Compare car rental prices at various rental companies and book a car with the world’s largest international service Rentalcars

How much do car parks cost

The cost of street parking in Prague 1,7 - 3,5 USD = 40 - 80 CZK per hour, depending on the proximity to the city center. It is paid in the machine with coins. There are also day parking near distant metro stations Park + Ride (P + R) with payment 0,86 USD = 20 CZK per day. More information about parking on the official website

A good solution is packing garages, cost 0,52 - 0,86 USD = 12 - 20 CZK per hour, for example

Transport in Prague, Cost of parking in Prague
Cost of parking in Prague
Transport in Cesky Krumlov, Car parking in Krumlov
Car parking in Krumlov

Gasoline prices in the Czech Republic

  • Gasoline costs 1,2 - 1,3 USD = 28 - 30 CZK per 1 liter
  • Diesel fuel 1,2 USD = 28 CZK per 1 liter

Toll roads in the Czech Republic

To travel on toll roads in the Czech Republic, you need to buy an electronic vignette, which is tied to the car number. The check is done automatically. The cost for 10 вфны is 13,1 USD = 12. EUR for 1 month 18,5 USD = 17. EUR You can buy at the official website or at gas stations and kiosks.

Examples of prices for long-distance buses

  • Bus from Prague to Karlovy Vary will cost 6,9 USD = 6.3 EUR
  • Bus from Prague to Vienna 19,6 USD = 18 EUR
  • to Munich 32,7 USD = 30 EUR
  • Bus from Prague to Krumlov 8,1 USD = 7.4 EUR
  • transport in the Czech Republic, Buses Lux Express
    Buses Lux Express
    transport in the Czech Republic, Lux Express bus inside
    Lux Express bus inside

    Intercity buses in the Czech Republic

    Intercity and international bus carrier in the Czech Republic is Student Agency . International website of the company: There is also the largest European carrier EuroLines . And of course the best in terms of comfort, quality (buses are new) and prices for international transportation Lux Express

    Buses Lux Exrpress provide their passengers with free hot drinks: coffee, hot chocolate and tea, also extremely comfortable chairs with ample space between the rows. All of them departure from the bus station in the northern part of Prague. Coordinates: 50.089407, 14.440705.


    You have an opportunity to see all possible options for traveling between European cities by bus or by train with the popular service

    Intercity transport in the Czech Republic, bus Student Agency
    bus Student Agency
    Intercity transport in the Czech Republic, Bus station  Cesky Krumlov
    Bus station Cesky Krumlov
    Intercity transport in the Czech Republic, Mini bus from Vienna
    Mini bus from Vienna

    Examples of bus prices

  • A bus from Prague to Karlovy Vary will cost 7,6 - 8,7 USD = 7 - 8 EUR
  • Bus from Prague to Vienna 21,8 - 27,2 USD = 20 - 25 EUR
  • In Munich 38,1 - 43,6 USD = 35 - 40 EUR
  • Bus from Prague to Krumlov 8,7 - 10,9 USD = 8 - 10 EUR
  • How to get to Cesky Krumlov from Prague

    Bus company Student Agency will take you to this city from Prague in 3 hours. 8 departures per day, starting at 7 in the morning and ending at 9 pm. Ticket price 7,6 - 8,7 USD = 7 - 8 EUR Location of the station where buses arrive and depart from: 48.811960, 14.323185 . You can view the schedule and buy tickets at:

    How to get to Cesky Krumlov, Student Agency bus
    Student Agency bus
    How to get to Cesky Krumlov, Bus station Cesky Krumlov
    Bus station Cesky Krumlov

    Intercity mini-vein connections

    Also, it is quite convenient, but incomparably more expensive, to use private mini vans. View the schedule, find out the cost by directions, you can place and pay for the order on the carriers' websites: ckshuttle ,

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