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Transport in Vienna in Austria

How much does it cost to get to Vienna Airport Wien-Schwechat

  • Expensive and rapid City Airport Train (CAT) costs 20,2 USD = 19 EUR round trip (one way 11,7 USD = 11 EUR ) and 16 minutes non-stop to the center of Vienna
  • Regular train to airport "S7" one way ride 4,5 USD = 4.2 EUR This is a regular ticket for transport including the airport area. Trip 25 minutes.
  • A ticket for two at once, for the S7 train is considered a group ticket and must cost 5,3 USD = 5 EUR
  • There are 3 bus routes for the price 8,5 USD = 8 EUR one way
  • Taxi, half an hour drive 42,5 USD = 40 EUR

All tickets can be bought on the spot in vending machines. All detailed information on

Examples of transfer fares

  • Taxi transfer to the airport for 1-3 person 42,5 USD = 40 EUR
  • The cost of a taxi-transfer to the city of Cesky Krumlov is 31,9 USD = 30 EUR per person. Information on the website:

You can view prices and book a ride to the airport with the international online service KiwiTaxi

Examples of prices for public transport in Vienna

The transport system of the city is well developed. There are metro, buses, trams and electric trains. One ticket for any transport.

  • The cost of a single trip, with permitted transfers within one zone 2,6 USD = 2.40 EUR if purchased in advance and 2,8 USD = 2.6 EUR if purchased in transport
  • Ticket for 24 hours 8,5 USD = 8 EUR
  • Ticket for 48 hours 15 USD = 14.1 EUR
  • Pass for 7 consecutive days 18,2 USD = 17.1 EUR
  • Pass for 8 days 43,4 USD = 40.8 EUR (You can use days not in a row, but only when needed, you can also travel together, spending 2 days each time)
Vienna transportation fares, Ticket machine
Ticket machine
Vienna transportation fares, composter in the subway
composter in the subway

Tickets are purchased from machines that accept, in addition to cash, credit cards. On the first trip, you must print the dates and times on the ticket in a special device inside the metro or a tram. Penalty for travel without a ticket is 106,4 USD = 100. EUR Detailed information on all tickets on the official website:

Taxi prices in Vienna

Rates of a regular city taxi

  • Pick up taxi 4 USD = 3.8 EUR
  • For each kilometer 1,2 USD = 1.1 EUR
  • Taxi to the airport will cost about 42,5 USD = 40 EUR

Uber fares

  • Per kilometer 0,69 USD = 0.65 EUR
  • Per minute waiting 0,35 USD = 0.33 EUR
  • Minimum cost of travel 4,3 USD = 4 EUR
  • Taxi to the airport will cost about 37,2 - 42,5 USD = 35 - 40 EUR

I recommend using less expensive Uber taxi

Vienna city bike rental

City automatic bike rental

There are many automatic bike rental points in the city. To get a bike, you need to register on the official website Citybike Wien and pay 1,1 USD = 1 EUR

Then you can take bicycles at any rental point and return to any rental point. The first hour is free. Second hour costs 1,1 USD = 1. EUR third hour 2,1 USD = 2. EUR To ride for free, you need to return the bike within an hour. And after 15 minutes take it again. Take advantage of the free hour!

Specialized bike rental

City bikes are not always convenient. If you love bicycles and want to enjoy riding in Vienna, turn to a real bike rental. Prices from 10,6 - 31,9 USD = 10 - 30 EUR per day.

It is convenient to choose a bike or motorbike rental using the service

Car rental in Austria and Vienna

Examples of prices from international rental companies when booking in advance for 1 month for 10 days. For full insurance without a franchise, a surcharge of 20,2 USD = 19 EUR per day

  • Vokswagen polo, manual 23,4 USD = 22 EUR
  • Vokswagen golf, automatic 37,2 USD = 35 EUR

Compare car rental prices at various rental companies and book a car with the world’s largest international service Rentalcars

Cost and features of car parking

  • 30 minutes 1,2 USD = 1.1 EUR
  • 1 hour 2,3 USD = 2.2 EUR
  • 2 hours 4,7 USD = 4.4 EUR

To pay for short street parking you will need parking tickets, which can be purchased at gas stations in kiosks and other places. Find out more at

The cost of underground parking in the city center is 2,7 - 4,8 USD = 2.5 - 4.50 EUR per hour, and 21,3 - 47,9 USD = 20 - 45 EUR per day. It is cheaper on the outskirts of Vienna. Credit cards accepted. Underground park map and rates

Parking near Shonnbunn Palace

  • 1 hour 4,1 USD = 3.9 EUR
  • 2 hours 8,3 USD = 7.8 EUR
  • 5 hours 20,7 USD = 19.5 EUR
Transport prices in Vienna, Parking prices near the park Schonnebunn
Parking prices near the park Schonnebunn
Transport prices in Vienna, Underground parking
Underground parking
Transport prices in Vienna, The cost of gasoline
The cost of gasoline

The cost of gasoline in Austria

  • Diesel 1,1 USD = 1 EUR
  • 95 1,3 USD = 1.25 EUR

Car fines in Austria

  • Parking violation 38,3 USD = 36 EUR
  • Passing at the yellow traffic light 31,9 USD = 30 EUR
  • Passing the red signal 74,5 USD = 70 EUR
  • Exceeding the speed limit by 20-50 km/h 31,9 - 319,1 USD = 30 - 300 EUR
  • excess from 50 km/h 319,1 - 2 127,2 USD = 300 - 2000 EUR

Toll roads in Austria

To travel on highways, a car must have a vignette, which can be in a sticker or an electronic one, linked to the car number. If you rent a car, then the vignette will most likely already be included in the rental price. In addition, there are roads, for travel on which you will need to pay extra fee. Usually these are tunnels or tourist mountain roads. The fare can be 5,3 - 42,5 USD = 5 - 40. EUR

Examples of prices for long-distance buses

Vienna is easily accessible from Bratislava by bus. The journey takes about an hour. Popular transport company - Blaguss bus.

The cost 7,7 USD = 7.20. EUR Tickets can be purchased in advance online or at the office and tour agencies.

Vienna transportation fares, Bus to Vienna
Bus to Vienna

You have an opportunity to see all possible options for traveling between European cities by bus or by train with the popular service

Read my review of useful websites to choose the right means of transport for your travel

Luggage storage at the railway station

The cost of luggage at the train station 2,1 - 4,8 USD = 2 - 4.5 EUR The cost of pay toilets 0,53 USD = 0.50 EUR

Vienna transportation fares, How much is a luggage storage
How much is a luggage storage
Vienna transportation fares, pay toilets at the station
pay toilets at the station

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