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Transport in Vienna in Austria

Examples of public transportation fares in Vienna

  • The cost of a single fare is 2,6 USD = 2.20 EUR
  • 24 hours ticket 8,9 USD = 7.60 EUR
Vienna transportation fares, Ticket machine
Ticket machine
Vienna transportation fares, composter in the subway
composter in the subway

The penalty for ticketless travel 116,6 USD = 100. EUR For more information visit:

How much does it cost to get to Vienna airport

  • AeroEpress to the airport 22,2 USD = 19 EUR round trip
  • Regular train to the airport 4,7 USD = 4 EUR one way
  • Taxi 35 USD = 30 EUR

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Car rental in Austria and Vienna

Examples of prices from international rental companies when booking in advance for 1 month for 10 days. For full insurance without a franchise, a surcharge of 22,2 USD = 19 EUR per day

  • Vokswagen polo, manual 25,7 USD = 22 EUR
  • Vokswagen golf, automatic 40,8 USD = 35 EUR

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Cost and features of car parking

The cost of underground parking in the city center is 2,9 - 5,2 USD = 2.5 - 4.50 EUR per hour, 23,3 - 52,5 USD = 20 - 45 EUR per day. Credit cards are accepted for payment.

Parking near Shonnbunn Palace

  • 1 hour 4,5 USD = 3.9 EUR
  • 2 hours 9,1 USD = 7.8 EUR
  • 5 hours 22,7 USD = 19.5 EUR
Transport prices in Vienna, Parking prices near the park Schonnebunn
Parking prices near the park Schonnebunn
Transport prices in Vienna, Underground parking
Underground parking
Transport prices in Vienna, The cost of gasoline
The cost of gasoline

The cost of gasoline in Austria

  • Diesel 1,3 USD = 1.15 EUR
  • 95 1,5 USD = 1.25 EUR

Examples of prices for long-distance buses

Vienna is easily accessible from Bratislava by bus. The journey takes about an hour. Popular transport company - Blaguss bus.

The cost 8,4 USD = 7.20. EUR Tickets can be purchased in advance online or at the office and tour agencies.

Vienna transportation fares, Bus to Vienna
Bus to Vienna

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Luggage storage at the railway station

The cost of luggage at the train station 2,3 - 5,2 USD = 2 - 4.5 EUR The cost of pay toilets 0,58 USD = 0.50 EUR

Vienna transportation fares, How much is a luggage storage
How much is a luggage storage
Vienna transportation fares, pay toilets at the station
pay toilets at the station

Examples of housing prices

Living in Vienna expensive, especially near the center. On the photo Hotel 4 star level, with a sauna and an excellent buffet breakfast. Cost 66,5 USD = 57. EUR

Housing prices in Vienna, Good quality price 57 Euro
Good quality price 57 Euro
Housing prices in Vienna, A good hotel for 57 euros
A good hotel for 57 euros

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