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Accommodation in Vienna and Austria - overview of prices and features

Examples of prices for hotels and apartments in Vienna for tourists

Sample hotel cost

Living in Vienna expensive, especially near the center. On the photo Hotel 4 star level, with a sauna and an excellent buffet breakfast. Cost 60 USD = 57. EUR

Hotels prices in Vienna, Good quality price 57 Euro
Good quality price 57 Euro
Hotels prices in Vienna, A good hotel for 57 euros
A good hotel for 57 euros

An example of the cost of an apartment for rent for several days

On our last trip to Vienna, we found a good option for an apartment through AirBNB Was fresh renovation, modern interior and the purest blue tap water in the bath (as elsewhere in Vienna). Cost 52,6 USD = 50 EUR per day.

Prices for apartments in Vienna for a tourist, Apartment for 50 Euro per day
Apartment for 50 Euro per day
Prices for apartments in Vienna for a tourist, Living room with sofa + bedroom
Living room with sofa + bedroom
Prices for apartments in Vienna for a tourist, The purest tap water
The purest tap water

You can view prices, book accommodations and read about the pros and cons of various hotel search engines in my review of hotel and apartment reservation systems

Long term apartment rental in Austria

Searching and renting an apartment

Housing in Austria is rented on the basis of a contract, in accordance with the laws of the country. A number of features follow from this:

  • The rental period is usually 3 years, during which the rent does not change. If the tenant wants to move out earlier, then he must pay a penalty in the amount of the deposit
  • Under the contract, the tenant is protected by law and it is very difficult to evict him from the apartment ahead of time, even if he stops paying rent.
  • Landlords are afraid to contact bad tenants. And if you want to rent an apartment, you will have to prove your solvency and adequacy. Usually there is a competition among those who want to rent an apartment
  • The process usually involves a realtor, you will have to pay him 1-2 monthly rent, as well as a contract fee.
  • If you managed to get a deal, then you will have to pay a deposit, about 3 rent payments per month and 1 month in advance.
  • Apartments are most often rented without furniture. But if there is furniture, then its rent may be paid separately. There is also an additional deposit for the safety of interior and furniture.

Estimated monthly rental costs in Vienna

As an example, we consider a small 1 bedroom apartment of 50-60m2

  • Historic city center Innere Stadt 1 052,2 USD = 1000 EUR
  • Sleeping areas (Mariahilf, Neubau, etc.) 736,5 USD = 700 EUR
  • Suburban and industrial areas (Simmering, Floridsdorf, etc.) 420,9 USD = 400 EUR

Estimated utility bills for 1 month

  • Electricity 31,6 - 63,1 USD = 30 - 60 EUR
  • Gas 31,6 - 52,6 USD = 30 - 50 EUR
  • Water 21 - 42,1 USD = 20 - 40 EUR
  • Internet 31,6 USD = 30 EUR

How to look for accommodation in Vienna

Use the bulletin board

You will see pictures and detailed information on all payments. Website in German.

Example apartment for rent in Vienna

Apartments in Vienna, There is almost always kitchen furniture
There is almost always kitchen furniture
Apartments in Vienna, Bathroom
Apartments in Vienna, One of the rooms
One of the rooms
Apartments in Vienna, House outside
House outside

Buying property in austria

Buying a home in Austria has some specificities:

  • The cost of real estate in Vienna is on average lower than in other large European capitals, for example, lower than Paris or London. At the same time, the quality of life in Vienna is one of the highest in Europe.
  • When buying an apartment, you will need to pay in the amount of about 10% of related payments (taxes, commissions of a realtor, notary, etc.)
  • If you buy an apartment for the purpose of living, and not for rent, you will be able to get a 20% VAT refund.
  • In Austria there is a great demand for rental housing, both among tourists and among locals. Therefore, buying a home in Austria for renting can be a passive investment.

Cost of apartments by district

  • Innere Stadt Historical center and UNESCO heritage. The most expensive area. New houses are not being built here. Average price per square meter 7 365,3 USD = 7 000 EUR
  • Mariahilf, Neubau, Josefstadt, Wieden, Wahring - Examples of areas with an average cost of housing The most comfortable areas for living in Vienna. Selling price per m2 4 734,8 - 5 260,9 USD = 4 500 - 5 000 EUR
  • Cheapest areas: Simmering (many industrial plants), Floridsdorf, Donaustadt (Suburb). Price per m2 3 156,6 - 4 734,8 USD = 3 000 - 4 500 EUR

All offers are also available on the bulletin board

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