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Cost of attractions and excursions in Prague and Cesky Krumlov

Popular Prague attractions and ticket prices

Prague Castle

A complex of buildings including St. Vitus Cathedral. Great place for walking on a hill. Great historical atmosphere. You can take a guide. A complex ticket includes several objects:

  • Old Royal Palace,
  • III St. George's Basilica,
  • V Golden Lane,
  • VIII St. Vitus Cathedral

Adult ticket price 10,8 USD = 250 CZK Child ticket 5,4 USD = 125. CZK You can just walk around the fortress for free. Website

St. Vitus Cathedral

Monumental and majestic cathedral, one of the main attractions of Prague. The church was built for 700 years. It is located on the territory of Prague Castle. You can only look inside for free. A full visit is included in the Prague Castle complex ticket.

Climbing the Tower with an observation deck (by steps!) costs separately 6,5 USD = 150 CZK

Old Town Hall with Astronomical Clock

Gothic chapel on the square with the famous clock. A paid visit includes climbing the tower, visiting the historical halls, as well as the basement.

Visit prices 10,8 USD = 250 CZK Details on the website

Prague Zoo

Prague Zoo has a huge well-groomed area and lots of animals in spacious enclosures. There are shops, cafes and toilets. In summer, a chair lift to the hill is open. An adult ticket costs 10,8 USD = 250. CZK a child ticket 8,6 USD = 200 CZK All details are available on the website

Prices for modern museums in the center of Prague

Museum of Senses (Illusions)

Adult ticket 12,9 USD = 300. CZK Child 7,8 USD = 180. CZK Website

National Technical Museum

Full adult ticket 6,5 USD = 150 CZK Reduced fare 3,5 USD = 80 CZK

Speculum Alchemiae Museum

Adult ticket 8,6 USD = 200. CZK children 3 USD = 70. CZK The ticket includes a guided tour of 30 minutes.

National film museum

Adults ticket 6,9 USD = 160. CZK children 5,6 USD = 130 CZK

Toy Museums

Ticket price 3 USD = 70 CZK Website

Sites for buying tickets to museums

To buy a ticket online is almost always cheaper than on the spot You can also avoid the queue at the cashier. On these sites, you can buy e-tickets and go through the Fast lane, as well as get interesting ideas for your vacation.

Prague Card Tourist Card

The tourist card includes tickets to most of the attractions and museums in Prague, as well as a bus tour and a river excursion. For a list of all places to visit, see

  • 2 days 77,3 USD = 71 EUR
  • 3 days 88,2 USD = 81 EUR
  • 4 days 95,9 USD = 88 EUR

Examples of excursions and prices

Examples of prices for excursions in Prague

  • Sightseeing bus and walking tour for 4 hours 16,3 USD = 15 EUR
  • Legends of Old Prague 21,8 USD = 20 EUR
  • City Quest "Secrets of Prague" 32,7 USD = 30 EUR
  • Prague Castle and Vltava embankment 10,9 USD = 10 EUR
  • Castles of the Czech Republic: Karlštejn and Konopiste 38,1 USD = 35 EUR
  • Singing fountains 27,2 USD = 25 EUR

Examples of prices for tours from Prague

  • Krumlov and Gluboka 49 USD = 45 EUR
  • Karlovy Vary and Krusovice 43,6 USD = 40 EUR
  • Kutna Hora and Sterberg 38,1 USD = 35 EUR
  • Beer Tour 43,6 USD = 40 EUR

Sites for booking excursions

Photos of Prague

Holiday in Prague, Charles Bridge
Charles Bridge
Holiday in Prague, Vltava River
Vltava River
Holiday in Prague, View from the Visegrad
View from the Visegrad
Holiday in Prague, Vaclav street
Vaclav street
Holiday in Prague, Prague zoo
Prague zoo
Holiday in Prague, Funicular

Various attractions in Prague

Aquapalace Praha Aquapark Prague

  • A ticket to the water park for water attractions for the whole day 32,8 USD = 760 CZK for 3 hours 17,3 USD = 400 CZK
  • Aquapark + saunas 3 hours 30,2 USD = 700 CZK all day 36,7 USD = 850 CZK

Children's tickets are cheaper, there are also various options for family tickets, details on the site:

Body relaxation

  • Thai massage in salons 43,6 USD = 40 EUR per hour.
  • SPA 26,1 USD = 24 EUR in an hour, in two hours 43,6 USD = 40 EUR

The cost of souvenirs in the Czech Republic

  • Magnets cost 2,6 - 5,2 USD = 60 - 120 CZK
  • T-shirt in a gift shop 6,5 - 10,8 USD = 150 - 250 CZK
  • Stands for beer mugs 6pcs. 43,1 USD = 1000 CZK
Prices for souvenirs in Cesky Krumlov, Souvenir shops selling wine and beer
Souvenir shops selling wine and beer
Prices for souvenirs in Cesky Krumlov, Souvenir magnets
Souvenir magnets

Places to visit in Cesky Krumlov and ticket prices

  • Regional Museum of the City 2,6 USD = 60 CZK
  • Wax Museum 5,6 USD = 130 CZK

Tourist card

You can purchase a ruistic zard, including visits to 5 museums in the city:

  • Castle museum and castle tower
  • Regional museum in Cesky Krumlov
  • Egon schiele art centrum
  • Museum fotoatelier seidel
  • Monasteries Český Krumlov

Card cost 17,3 USD = 400. CZK More information on the website:

Museums in Cesky Krumlov, Wax Museum
Wax Museum
Excursions in Cesky Krumlov, Prices for guided tours
Prices for guided tours
Rest in Cesky Krumlov, Boat rental
Boat rental

What to see with a guide - price examples

  • Tour of the old city 17,3 USD = 400 CZK in 90 minutes.
  • Excursion to Eggenberg Brewery 3 USD = 70 CZK in 60 minutes.
  • Night City Tour 15,1 - 17,3 USD = 350 - 400 CZK
  • Audio guide for rent 4,3 USD = 100 CZK per hour, 6,5 USD = 150 CZK for 2 hours, 7,8 USD = 180 CZK for 3 hours

Features of currency exchange in Prague


Currency exchange points did not open around the clock. With the currency exchange in the Czech Republic there is a problem. Bank exchange may be disadvantageous because of the high commissions, and private exchanger can be deceiving. Be very careful, never change the currency on the street.

Usually advised to use private exchange offices, located near the Central Station.  The approximate coordinates are: 50.082746, 14.429485Street Politických vězňů. There is about 3 - 5 exchangers.  Walk around, choose the one you like. Prior to consent to surgery, always ask the final amount that you will get on your hands as a result of the exchange.

Cesky Krumlov

Currency Exchange works in the daytime. Often, the exchangers take a percentage of the transaction and at least 2% and 4,3 USD = 100. CZK In this case they are almost always very good course. Another type of exchangers does not charge any commission, but the course is not in your favor. All depends on the amount which are going to be changed.

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