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Cost of buying and renting a car in Canada

Examples of prices for used cars

  • age 2 years old, Toyota Corolla, 12 344,3 USD = 17 000 CAD
  • age 8, TOYOTA COROLLA 6 535,2 USD = 9 000 CAD
  • 2 Years, Toyota Camry HYBRID B Package 13 796,6 USD = 19 000 CAD
  • 5 years, Toyota Camry Hybrid SE 11 618,2 USD = 16 000 CAD
  • 7 Years, Honda Fit 7 261,4 USD = 10 000 CAD
  • 2 Years, Honda Fit 13 070,5 USD = 18 000 CAD
  • 10 years old, FORD FOCUS 3 630,7 USD = 5 000 CAD
  • 6 years old, Ford Focus 9 439,8 USD = 13 000 CAD

Vancouver car buying and selling bulletin board: vancouver.craigslist.or

Estimated Cost of Car Maintenance in Vancouver

  • Gasoline 0,44 - 0,65 USD = 0.6 - 0.9 CAD
  • Parking in the city center costs from 2,9 USD = 4 CAD per hour ( How much does it cost in the US? )
  • Underground parking in a house 32,7 - 43,6 USD = 45 - 60 CAD per month
  • Parking on the street 25,4 - 32,7 USD = 35 - 45 CAD
  • Car insurance is quite high, it is compulsory and highly dependent on the length of service, past fines, the cost of the car and other factors. 72,6 - 145,2 USD = 100 - 200 CAD per month
  • Oil change 25,4 USD = 35 CAD

Prices and nuances of car rental in Canada

How much does it cost to rent a car

Price level with all taxes and surcharges per day (24 hours):

  • budget rent 8,7 - 14,5 USD = 12 - 20 CAD
  • usually, inexpensive 14,5 - 21,8 USD = 20 - 30 CAD
  • usually, expensive 21,8 - 29 USD = 30 - 40 CAD
  • Higher - charged or expensive car brands.

Insurance Features

In any case, make sure that you have your own insurance covering the rented car (insurance against third parties is always included in the price, without it you are not allowed to issue a car). If you do not have one, then either at your own risk ignore the proposed one, or agree to it, but take the time to fully study the nuances of the work of these insurance options, for example, the amount of the deductible. This is usually not very cheap as it adds 50% to 100% of the rental value of the car itself.

Full tank option

Also, a very controversial point is the proposed full tank option. You are initially offered to buy a full tank of gas at a slightly discounted price. But you will have to return it empty. Once you have tried it, you are unlikely to bother with crazy calculations on how to get to the rental office on the last few gasoline fumes and not "dry up". Otherwise, the option is meaningless initially.

Specifics of pick-up and drop-off times

It is worth noting that although car rental is carried out on an hourly basis, in reality at prices it is 24 hours. That is, 25 hours in most cases will cost you as much as 48. Therefore, it is very important to plan both the pick-up time and the time of car delivery. When you return the car, you are usually given from 30 minutes to an hour (rarely) additional time to return the car. If you are late, you will be charged a fine, which is usually equal to one more full day of renting your car at full cost.

Car rental companies

Compare car rental prices at various rental companies and book a car with the world’s largest international service Rentalcars

  • Alamo High premium level of service, no problems with the delivery of the car, the level of claims for damage /scratches is minimal and huge choice of cars from 12,3 USD = 17 CAD per day.
  • Hertz - excellent level of service, no fences, cars are always new with a good selection of budget and economical models, almost they never forcefully impose insurance, they do not find fault with the car when returning, they will always pull you out, if something happened to the car through no fault of yours, real discounts for certain days are very frequent.
  • Budget - good service, cars are often new.
  • Enterprise is also a good service, new cars that only make sense to take on sales, for example, for 7,3 USD = 9.99 CAD + taxes (Final price approx. 8,7 USD = 12 CAD ) per day on Saturday and Sunday.
Car rental in Canada, Alamo at Toronto Airport
Alamo at Toronto Airport
Car rental in Canada, Car rental from Alamo
Car rental from Alamo

Cost and features of parking in Toronto

The nuances of parking

A very sore subject for North Americans. The cost of street parking varies greatly from location to location. In Toronto 1,5 - 3,6 USD = 2 - 5 CAD in 30 minutes, in the center there are more expensive. Outside the city from 0,73 USD = 1 CAD per hour. All the subtleties of parking, of which there can be a lot, should be read on parking meters and on road signs. You must read very carefully. Better two or three times for reliability. Even this does not guarantee that your car will not be fined or, even worse and much more expensive, will not be evacuated to a parking fine.

Parking fines

Penalty for incorrect parking 10,9 - 29 USD = 15 - 40. CAD Returning an evacuated vehicle will cost you approximately 181,5 USD = 250. CAD It is more reliable to park your car in organized parking lots. Never leave anything inside the car, even if you think it might not attract attention!

Parking at night

Be careful. Even if there are no prohibition signs, parking at night within the city limits for more than 3 hours in one place is prohibited! That is, every three hours at night it is necessary to move the car at least half a meter in any direction! Additional information can be obtained on the website:

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