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Things to do and places to see in Toronto in Canada

Tourist attractions

CityPass Toronto

A single ticket that includes the main tourist spots. Price 87,4 USD = 107.75 CAD Currently the price includes:

  • CN Tower
  • Ripley's Aquarium of Canada
  • Casa Loma
  • Royal Ontario Museum
  • Toronto Zoo or Ontario Science Center

CityTour bus Red double-decker bus. Second floor without a roof. Drive through major Toronto neighborhoods. Duration: 1.5 - 2 hours. Cost 28,4 USD = 35 CAD

Museum - Castle “Casaloma”. Castle on a hill, built in the style of Scottish and English palaces at the beginning of the 20th century. Beautiful rooms, magnificent halls designed in a certain style. Ticket price 26,4 USD = 32.49. CAD Location: 43.678301, -79.409719. Website

Toronto Zoo Cost 22,7 USD = 28. CAD out of season 18 USD = 22.20 CAD Location 43.820362, -79.180079 Website

Ripley's Aquarium of Canada A huge variety of fish species. Very beautiful aquariums with different plants, molluscs, reefs. Sharks, many rays that fly directly overhead. There are many informative stands. Entrance: adult ticket 35,8 USD = 44.07. CAD children 11,9 USD = 14.69 CAD website

CN Tower The tower offers gorgeous views of the city. Glass floor at the very top, at a height of 100 floors, overlooking the aquarium, there is an exit to the air. There are usually huge queues at the ticket office, so buy your tickets online. Admission: adult ticket 31,6 USD = 39. CAD children 23,5 USD = 29. CAD website:

African Lion Safari. By car, you can drive through different areas with the animals. You will see birds, Tigers, Giraffes, hippos, rhinos. There is a mini-railway. There are many interesting things for children as well. Important: Remove the wipers from the car, and do not feed the monkeys. Admission: Adult ticket 36,6 USD = 45.14. CAD Children 25,6 USD = 31.58 CAD free for children under 2 years old. Location: 43.341683, -80.183052 Website

Ontario Science Center Thematic rooms dedicated to physics, biology, aerodynamics, optics, etc. Focused on schoolchildren. Almost all exhibits are interactive - you can touch, move, see how this or that device works. Admission: adult ticket 17,9 USD = 22. CAD children 10,5 USD = 13. CAD Website

WildPlay Niagara Falls

Lots of different physical recreation options, Prices from 12,2 USD = 15 CAD

Niagara Nature Park A small but amazing hiking park that brings you to the Niagara River. Free!

Websites for buying tickets

It is almost always cheaper to buy a ticket online than on the spot. You can also avoid the queue at the cashier. On these sites, you can buy e-tickets and go through the Fast lane, as well as get interesting ideas for your vacation.

Canada, Toronto, CN Tower
CN Tower
Canada, Toronto, Casaloma Museum
Casaloma Museum
Canada, Toronto, Zoo
Recreation and entertainment in Torono, Entrance to the Toronto Zoo
Entrance to the Toronto Zoo
Recreation and entertainment in Torono, Attractions Niagarafalls Wildplay
Attractions Niagarafalls Wildplay

Excursions from Toronto

Examples of prices for excursions with a group

  • Niagara Falls Tour with Boat Cruise 80 - 110 USD
  • Sightseeing Harbor & Islands Cruise 20 USD
  • Guided Tour of Toronto with Locals 30 USD

Sites for booking excursions

  • GetYourGuide Booking excursions and tickets for events
  • Tripster. ru A good selection of individual and group excursions from local residents

Sports and leisure activities in Toronto

Skiing (snowboarding, alpine skiing, cross-country skiing). Cost with uniform rent from 40,6 USD = 50 CAD per day. Location: 44.487765, -80.316306 Website

Open skating rinks around the city. Skiing is free. Skate rental 4,9 USD = 6 CAD per hour

Kayaks on Lake Ontario . Cost per hour 24,3 USD = 30. CAD per day 77,1 USD = 95. CAD

Parachute jumps. Price from 284 USD = 350. CAD

Karting 20,3 USD = 25 CAD per race.

Billiards, bowling all over Toronto. Cost from 6,5 USD = 8 CAD per hour per table

Paintball . The cost varies from 24,3 USD = 30 CAD per person for 4 hours with limited ammunition.

Canada, Toronto, Kayaking
Canada, Toronto, Karting

More interesting places to visit in Toronto

Casino "Niagara Falls" + Marine world

Woodbine Racecourse. Free admission. Location: 43.715705, -79.603354 Website

Farm products market. An abandoned plant in a green area of Toronto, converted to a green produce market from local farmers. Location: 43.68447, -79.365322

"Lawrence market"

An old covered marketplace where you can taste and purchase products grown and produced in the province of Ontario. Here you will find cheeses, ham, fish, fruits and vegetables, as well as wine products. There is a cafe where you can relax and have a snack. Free admission. Location: 43.64908, -79.371609 Website

Japanese Art Exhibitions (Japan Development Fund: 131 Bloor Street West, Suite 213, Second floor, free admission). Regular exhibitions with a change of exhibits every two weeks. Location: 43.668834, -79.392556 Website

"Distillery place". An old whiskey distillery converted into art galleries, private breweries, cozy restaurants, shops of unique goods, chocolate makers, cafes, photo studios. A fun place for the whole family, a great place for photographers. Some of the plant's equipment has been preserved and displayed in its original form. Free admission. Location: 43.650046, -79.359533 Website

Canada, Toronto, Racetrack
Canada, Toronto, Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls

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