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Toronto attractions and ticket prices

Tourist attractions

CityPass Toronto. Single ticket, which includes the main tourist attractions, cost 52,3 USD = 72. CAD Site:

"CityTour" bus Red double decker bus. Second floor without roof. Travel through the main sigts of Toronto, 1.5 - 2 hours. Cost 25,4 USD = 35 CAD

Castle - museum "Casaloma". Ticket price 14,9 USD = 20.55. CAD Location: 43.678301,-79.409719. Site:

Zoo. Price 20,3 USD = 28. CAD Location 43.820362,-79.180079 Site:

African Lion Safari. By car you can drive through different areas with animals. See birds, tigers, giraffes, hippos, rhinos. There is a mini-railroad. Admission fee: Adult 24 USD = 33 CAD children 18,9 USD = 26. CAD free for children up to 2 years. Location: 43.341683,-80.183052 Site:

Toronto, Canada, CN Tower
CN Tower
Toronto, Canada, Museum Casaloma
Museum Casaloma
Canada, Toronto , Zoo

Sport and entertainment

Bike rental

Ski (snowboarding, skiing, cross-country skiing). The cost of rent equipment 29,1 USD = 40 CAD per day. Location : 44.487765,-80.316306 Site:

Outdoor ice rink in the city. Free skating. Rental skates 3,6 USD = 5 CAD per hour

Kayaks on Lake Ontario . Cost per hour 21,8 USD = 30 CAD per day 50,8 USD = 70 CAD per day. Site:

Skydiving. Price from 217,9 USD = 300 CAD For additional video or photo 72,6 USD = 100. CAD Site:

Karting 16 USD = 22 CAD per one race. Site:

Billiards, bowling throughout Toronto. Price from 4,4 USD = 6 CAD per hour for a table

Paintball . The cost varies from 25 per person 2,9 USD = 4 CAD hours with limited

Toronto, Canada, kayaking
Toronto, Canada, Karting

More attractions and places to visit in Toronto

Casino "Niagara Falls" + Marine world

Market farm products Abandoned factory in the green area of Toronto, transformed for the green market produce from local farmers. Location:43.68447,-79.365322

"Lawrence market"

Old Market Hall, where you can taste and purchase products grown and produced in the province of Ontario. Here you can find the cheese, ham, fish, fruit, vegetables, and wine production. There is a cafe where you can relax and have a snack. Admission is free. Location: 43.64908, -79.371609 Site:

Exhibition of Japanese Art (Japan Development Fund: 131 Bloor Street West, Suite 213, Second floor, entrance is free). Regular exhibitions with changing exhibits every two weeks. Location:43.668834,-79.392556 Site:

"Distillery place". Old Distillery transformed for art galleries, private brewery, cozy shops and restaurants unique products, chocolate, coffee shop, photo studio. Pleasant place for the whole family, a great place for photographers. Part of the equipment of the plant and kept in its original form. Admission is free. Location:43.650046,-79.359533 Site:

Racetrack Woodbine. Admission is free. Location : 43.715705,-79.603354 Site:

Canada, Toronto, Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls
Canada, Toronto, Racecourse

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