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Healthare in Canada and examples of treatment prices

About Canadian Healthcare

The health care system in Canada is based on private clinics and doctors to whom the state pays for the costs of treating residents and citizens with public insurance Health Card

There are clinics with coupons and queues, sometimes long. The initial appointment is carried out by a therapist who solves most of the problems. If necessary, an appointment is made with a narrow specialist. There is a big problem of queuing up to specialists.

It is also possible to find a family doctor who will be your therapist and always contact him. The problem is finding a doctor who will accept new clients. A doctor in Canada has great independence, he can work in a polyclinic, in a hospital and in private practice.

Insurance for Canadian citizens and permanent residents

In Canada, free medicine for all residents, for those who came on a student or work visa, and for dependents of all of the above categories.

What's free with the Health Card

Free health insurance for Canada residents covers almost all medical treatment services (Medicare). Free appointments with specialists, hospital stays, any diagnostic tests, as well as vaccinations. Health Card can be obtained after 3 months of residence in Canada

What treatment do you need to pay extra for

Pharmacies are not covered by Medicare and are self-covered.

Dentists and ophthalmologists are also independent of the system, so dental care is paid. (But they can pull out a bad tooth for free) Each treatment is paid for or additional insurance is bought. Often, the employer pays all or part of the dental costs, this is called Benefits.

Employer Insurance

In addition to government insurance, the employer usually takes out insurance for employees. It partially covers the cost of medications, dental appointments and some procedures not covered by regular insurance

Ambulance Canada

An ambulance call with delivery to the hospital will cost 0 USD It is the delivery to the hospital that is paid for, if the patient is not taken, then there is no need to pay. Calling an ambulance is life threatening and the task of serving as soon as possible take you to the hospital. If an ambulance is delayed, another emergency service, such as the police or fire department, may come to you. An ambulance call without good reason must be paid completely independently 181,5 - 217,8 USD = 250 - 300. CAD Residents of Canada prefer to get to the hospital on their own whenever possible.


In case of emergency and life-threatening help, the hospital is admitted immediately without waiting in line. But if you can wait, you will most likely have to wait a few hours.

Medicines in Canada

Medicines are usually sold locally, Canadian production. Usually for drugs with a "name" there are cheaper "generic" analogues. The tablets are sold by prescription only. The pharmacist puts in an individual jar exactly as many tablets as the doctor prescribed. The cost in the check will consist of the price of the tablets themselves and the work of the pharmacist.

Examples of prices for dentistry

  • Treatment of 1 tooth 36,3 - 72,6 USD = 50 - 100 CAD
  • X-ray of the tooth 29 - 36,3 USD = 40 - 50 CAD
  • Treatment of 1 tooth by an unlicensed doctor 21,8 USD = 30 CAD
  • It is normal to treat with an unlicensed doctor. The quality is not worse. Just after a doctor gets a license, he immediately raises the price.

    Insurance for non-residents

    For those arriving on a tourist visa, it is necessary to purchase a separate medical insurance. The cost varies greatly depending on the set of included services and can be 36,3 USD = 50 CAD per month.

    Examples of prices for treatment in Canada without insurance

    • Full health insurance for 3 months (without a dentist) 108,9 USD = 150 CAD (after 3 months of stay in the country, free public health insurance is issued) ( Cost of medicine in Australia )
    • Cost of 1 day in hospital from 1 452,2 USD = 2 000 CAD
    • Cost of operation 14,5 USD = 20.000 CAD
    • Appointment with a physician 43,6 - 145,2 USD = 60 - 200 CAD
    • Ultrasound 72,6 USD = 100 CAD

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