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Flat rent in Canada in Toronto - how much it costs and how to find an apartment

Short term hotel rates

For a short-term tourist, there is no particular difference from Europe or the United States in terms of searching and booking hotels. It can be noted that Canada has higher prices here too. Expect an average of 73 USD = 100 CAD per night. You can use the standard

You can view prices, book accommodations and read about the pros and cons of various hotel search engines in my review of hotel and apartment reservation systems

Rent serviced apartment

From one month you can rent serviced apartment in a new building which will cost you about 2 191,5 USD = 3 000 CAD per month. This includes everything, including cleaning and linen.


One of the fashionable tendencies of prompt housing rental is the service AirBNB , which was not bad in the past. Of the obvious advantages - efficiency and legality (the presence of a contract and an official payment receipt on hand). And also the official payment to the owners is not directly, but through the service itself. Paypal is used for payment and it really makes life easier.

Unfortunately, this is where the advantages end and an incredible struggle begins for a reasonable price, not killed and adequate housing, the absence of numerous neighbors, finding out if this is a basement (Canadians love to rent basements, and they consider it almost the norm), is it not renting out the whole house, that is, you can just get a hostel with an incredible number of poor fellows like you and a lot of subtleties, not listed in the description. Often bad photos, uncertainly outlined rules, unreasonable reviews, from which it is difficult to get the essence, inability to come and see the place yourself in advance.

Only after going through fire and copper pipes, and clearly realizing that these are all private traders, and most of them do not know the service as such and do not want to understand, nor provide, you can learn to choose housing correctly and adequately. But there are no guarantees in this case, simply because you are renting someone's own house. This is especially worth considering when renting a home for a long time when comparing cost with other systems.

From my own experience in Canada, the service works well either for one person, or for a large family or company, and for a short time. You can also choose for a month /several months, but again, mainly for one. The cost for two is often 50 - 80 percent more, which, of course, is absolutely unrealistic. Please note that good options disappear 3 months before the expected arrival in the summer! Very rarely, breakfast is included in the price, but in fact, in practice, there is almost no breakfast, or you may be given banana and muesli each day. Eggs if you're lucky.

Budget (according to Canadian concepts) rental prices based on a monthly stay:

  • One person in a separate room with a shared bathroom 18,3 - 25,6 USD = 25 - 35 CAD per day
  • Two people in one room with private bathroom 29,2 - 43,8 USD = 40 - 60 CAD per day

Prices are given for proven high-quality adequate housing, with owners awarded with an airbnb medal in transport accessibility, but at a significant distance from the city center, about an hour by TTS.

If you like your stay, try to establish contacts with the hosts, so that next time you can rent directly for cash with a noticeable discount. The total Airbnb commission from tenants and owners in the amount averages ~ 15% of the cost that you pay. For this amount, they provide insurance to the owners, and some kind of service to the tenants. It is worth noting that some owners refuse to accept even the old verified tenants bypassing Airbnb, referring to their insurance.

Photos of Canadian Airbnb housing , quality decoration and cleanliness. This does not mean that the services and hosts are adequate, or there are no tricks.

Apartment for rent in Canada in Toronto, Kitchen
Apartment for rent in Canada in Toronto, Living room
Living room
Apartment for rent in Canada in Toronto, Bedroom
Apartment for rent in Canada in Toronto, Second bedroom
Second bedroom
Apartment for rent in Canada in Toronto, Room
Apartment for rent in Canada in Toronto, Courtyard

Renting housing (apartments) for a longer period

Private owners

For periods ranging from 2 to 3 months or more, you can find cheap accommodation from private owners. The cost depends on the location. In Toronto, finding below 438,3 USD = 600 CAD in a month is unlikely to be possible (unless you need one room in the basement) with neighbors "in misfortune" in housing). You can find 547,9 - 730,5 USD = 750 - 1000 CAD per month, a private room in the basement is a possible, but must be sought is usually long. The price usually includes electricity and water. Search is carried out mainly by the usual online resources and newspapers. You will need to have your own phone.

Agents are often used for searching, as the task is long and tedious. Check-in is usually 1 day of the month, departure on the last day. The photo shows an example of a basement with a separate entrance for 584,4 USD = 800 CAD per month in cash without furniture! The minimum rental period is negotiable, but usually at least three months.

Affordable housing in Canada in Toronto, Basement - Window
Basement - Window
Affordable housing in Canada in Toronto, Basement - Kitchen
Basement - Kitchen

Rent for period more then 1 year

For a term of one year or more, you can relatively profitable to rent an apartment in a purpose-built homes (many with swimming pool, gym and BBQ). Prices start at 730,5 USD = 1000 CAD for a small apartment in an uncomfortable and bad area, no view from windows and bad neighbors. Something decent starts from 1 095,7 USD = 1 500 CAD per month. Electricity and water are not included. Ask the terms carefully and in detail. This type of rent requires you to confirm your solvency. This could be a bank statement if you are a millionaire, or, as is usually done, proof of your legitimate income, such as a statement from your job about your employment and income.

Annual contracts for rent in rental houses have risen in price by an average of 1 095,7 USD = 1 500 CAD per month (all taxes included), that is, by about 70% - 80% of the level of 2010-2013. As usual, what additional payments must be paid (electricity, water, etc.), and which are already included in the rent depends on the particular house. You will still have to provide proof of your financial soundness, such as a bank account, or a statement from your employer. The contract is still concluded for one year, and in the future it is already going on monthly. The deposit is usually one month in advance. However, you must warn about the termination of the lease two months in advance! Check-in is usually 1 day of the month, check-out on the last day.

Resources to find housing in Canada

Features of long-term apartment rental for a period of 1 year or more

Important: Almost always, when renting a home for a long time in Canada, you will be required to pay one or even two months in advance. Read the contract carefully, as in order to finish the rent you will have to notify the landlord one, and often TWO! months before the end of the rent you planned. Otherwise, the deposit taken at the beginning will be withheld from you!

All taxes are already included in the advertised price of the property.

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