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Transportation in Toronto, Canada: Metro, buses, taxis

Toronto Airport

Toronto Pearson International Airport - 3 Terminals, large area. One of the most expensive airports in the world. The site . Location: 43.683764, -79.617933

Transport Canada, Toronto Airport
Toronto Airport
Toronto airport, Distribution of airlines by terminal
Distribution of airlines by terminal

How to get to the there and how much it costs

You can get there by train, TTC and Go Transit buses, as well as by taxi. Sample prices

  • Bus 2,4 USD = 3.25. CAD travel time over an hour
  • Express train 6,7 - 8,9 USD = 9.25 - 12.35. CAD and 25 minutes on the way
  • Taxi 36,2 - 43,5 USD = 50 - 60 CAD

You can view prices and book a ride to the airport with the international online service KiwiTaxi

Toronto International Airport, How much does it cost to get to Toronto airport
How much does it cost to get to Toronto airport
Toronto International Airport, bus stop at Terminal 1
bus stop at Terminal 1
Toronto International Airport, Photo of the airport bus
Photo of the airport bus
Toronto International Airport, Bus to airport inside
Bus to airport inside

Features of travel on the Union Pearson Express train

Not so long ago, there was another way to get to the airport relatively quickly. Diesel train - express. Union Pearson Express. Site

One-way fare from the city center to the Airport, or vice versa, using a PRESTO card 6,7 USD = 9.25. CAD for cash 8,9 USD = 12.35. CAD

Here, as in GO Transit trains, the PRESTO card is applied to the reading machines before and after the trip. The machines are located on the platforms. There are no such devices inside the trains, instead of them there are controllers who check promptly payment of travel and also accept cash payments.

Toronto International Airport, Airport train outside
Airport train outside
Toronto International Airport, Train to airport inside
Train to airport inside
Toronto International Airport, Train ticket machines
Train ticket machines
Toronto International Airport, Validator

Airport Parking

The average cost of parking at the airport is 2,9 USD = 4 CAD for every 20 minutes. Maximum cost per day 23,9 USD = 33. CAD per week 134 USD = 185. CAD More details on the website: Payment is made at the machines in front of the parking lot.

Toronto City Transportation

TTC (The Toronto Transit Commission) is an absolute monopoly on the city's urban transport .

TTS includes the subway (subway), buses (bus) and trams (streetcar). All of them are tied to a single system of internal payment and transit. Transit, in particular, means that for one fare payment, you can travel as much as you like in one direction with transfers between any transport included in this system. Ask the driver to give you a TRANSFER when paying for the first transport for these purposes. Sometimes transfer points are tied together, and you have to go from one transport to another. There are restrictions on the duration of the transfer (about an hour and a half) for using transfer.

Payment details

Important: the fare is higher when paying in cash. Moreover, you must have the amount without change, since you put the money into the machine, which does not give out change, but only counts the cash thrown into it and beeps when it is “satisfied” with the amount. On some rare destinations where there are problems with controlling the entry of passengers, controllers carry out a transfer check. In the Metro, these transfers must be taken at the first station of the metro entrance, in the red machine inside the station.

Ticket prices and travel card options:

  • Cash payment 2,4 USD = 3.25 CAD
  • Payment by card PRESTO 2,3 USD = 3.20 CAD
  • Pass for a month, without any restrictions on use 113 USD = 156.00 CAD
  • For locals, there is an option to buy a subscription for a one-year pass. In this case, the final cost of the pass will be 103,6 USD = 143.00 CAD
  • Day pass 9,8 USD = 13.50 CAD
  • Free transit window with PRESTO card 2 hours

Features of the subway in Toronto

It should be noted that the Metro in Toronto is notable for its small size against the background of a very spread over city area, which is still being compensated for by an extensive bus network. In the morning, the metro is especially crowded, and delays in traffic are not so rare. All TTC cars, and indeed any public transport in Toronto, have air conditioning and heating. Although this does not mean that both are always working properly.

PRESTO CARD transport card

At the moment, PRESTO Card has remained the only means of payment other than cash. It is also possible to buy various types of travel cards on the same card.

  • Card cost 4,3 USD = 6 CAD
  • Minimum deposit amount 7,2 USD = 10 CAD

There is no information on the possibility of returning the card, which makes it not the most interesting option for tourists. The card is replenished in vending machines located at metro stations, stations of the GO Transit system and on the official website

All transfers between all systems using the PRESTO card are taken into account, and all discounts, if any, are applied automatically. In public transport, the card is applied to the reader once at the entrance. The card is applied to the GO Transit System before boarding at the departure station and after disembarking at the arrival station. It should be added that digitalization has also come to these systems. Now there are many applications, including for phones, with which you can quickly find out when the next transport will arrive at your stop. Of course, you need internet for this.

Transport Toronto, PRESTO CARD top-up machine
PRESTO CARD top-up machine
Transport Toronto, Recommended transport applications
Recommended transport applications

Taxi Features in Toronto

Almost all taxis, except for those related to specific institutions and organizations, are owned by the Hindu diaspora in Toronto and the surrounding area. Bargaining is pointless. Riding on the meter + you are more than expected to have a good tip. You are NOT required to give them.

Important: even here, not all drivers accept credit cards for payment. As elsewhere, make sure of all travel conditions in advance, before boarding. In Canada, especially outside a populated city zone, stopping - catching a taxi on the road is far from an easy task, so it is easier to order them by phone. Ordering a taxi does not mean that you have to use it.

Taki Uber

UBER came to Canada. Most people use this particular system. Examples of prices:

  • Vehicle delivery 1,8 USD = 2.50 CAD
  • Booking Fee 2 USD = 2.75 CAD
  • Per kilometer 0,59 USD = 0.81 CAD
  • Per minute waiting 0,13 USD = 0.18 CAD

A short trip around the city may cost 7,2 - 10,9 USD = 10 - 15. CAD taxi to the airport 32,6 - 43,5 USD = 45 - 60 CAD

Read my review of useful websites to choose the right means of transport for your travel

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