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Examples of prices in the USA for cars (rent and by)

U.S. Car Rental Rates

On my trip to the United States, I was looking for the cheapest 15-day rental option from Los Angeles Airport. Ford focus class car with automatic transmission. I compared prices at different rental companies. Here's the result.

  • Dollar, Thifty 0 USD without insurance
  • Avis 0 USD zero franchise
  • Herts 0 USD with a franchise
  • Budget 0 USD with a franchise

Then I checked what would offer the intermediary Autoeurope The option turned out to be the most profitable. Nissan Tiida with full insurance for 0 USD Rental company Thifty. Total per day is 0 USD with full insurance.

If a car is needed for a long time, then many do not rent a car, but buy it on an ad, and then after a month or two they sell it for about the same money.

Wealthy tourists do not deny themselves the pleasure of driving around America in a powerful Vip class car. A beautiful car goes well with the amazing nature of the United States

Red Rock Canyon, Many tourists rent convertibles
Many tourists rent convertibles

Prices for used cars in New York City

  • Toyota corolla 6 years, mileage 90,000 miles 0 USD
  • HONDA CIVIC 2D GREAT CONDITION, mileage 66,000 miles the age of 6 years 0 USD
  • Honda CRV, mileage 60,000 miles, 5 years old 0 USD

More car prices can be found at the New York bulletin board:

Taxes and insurance

  • The registration fee when you buy depends on many parameters of car
  • Sales tax depends on the state
  • Mandatory insurance, which also depends on the state, the cost of the car and the insurance company

US parking prices

Examples of US parking prices

  • Central parking on San Francisco waterfront along the road 0 USD per hour
  • Parking in downtown San Francisco 0 USD per hour
  • Parking on the promenade of Santa Barbara 0 USD in 3 hours
  • Parking on the promenade of Los Angeles 0 USD per hour
  • Parking on the promenade of San Francisco per day 0 - 0 USD
  • Covered parking at the Los Angeles 9 casino in 2 hours
  • Various parking lots on the embankments 10-20 for the whole day

Incorrect parking fines

Incorrect parking fines ranging from 0 USD to 0 USD In case of previously unpaid fines, wheel locks or evacuation are possible.

Prices for toll roads and bridges

  • Toll fares can cost an average of 0 - 0 USD It makes no sense to go around toll roads, you will likely spend more on gasoline.
  • Bridges (e.g. Golden bridge) towards San Francisco 0 USD (Return from the city for free)
  • Drive 17 Mile Drive - A tourist road along the coast from San Francisco to Monterey. 0 USD

Compare car rental prices at various rental companies and book a car with the world’s largest international service Rentalcars

Fines in USA

Before to rent or buy a car, you need to become familiar with the local road and parking rules. Penalties are high.

  • Red light 0 USD
  • Parking places for disabled 0 USD
  • Seat belt 0 USD
  • Speeding 0 - 0 USD
  • incorrect lane change 0 USD
  • For movement along the road side 0 USD

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