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Examples of prices in New York for public transportation

The cost of the subway in New York

  • One trip 2,8 USD
  • Weekly Ticket Price 33 USD
  • 1 month metro pass 104 USD

How much does it cost to get from New York J. Kennedy Airport

  • From any terminal there is access to the AirTrain monorail, with which you can reach the nearest Jamaica metro station. Cost 5 USD monorail + 2,8 USD metro.
  • There is a NYC Airport Express shuttle bus for the price of 16 USD one and a half hours on the road
  • From the terminal No. 5 (it can be reached by AirTrain for free), various city buses depart for the price of 2,8 USD
  • A taxi to the city costs about 100 USD it takes about an hour

US Buses from New York

  • A trip to New York 2,8 USD
  • A bus from New York to Boston costs 9 - 13 USD
  • Bus from New York to Washington 13 - 28 USD
  • From New York to Toronto 60 USD
  • New York - Baltimore costs around 14 USD on the road 3h 20min (depends on traffic jams)
  • New York - Pittsburgh 44 USD Travel time about 8 hours
  • New York - Cleveland costs about 75 USD travel time 12h 30min

More information can be found on the websites of bus companies: and

Examples of taxi prices in New York

Taxi rates

  • Jump a taxi costs 2,5 USD
  • Further approximately 1,6 USD per 1 kilometer
  • A trip around the city can cost 10 - 20 USD

Examples of travel prices

  • Empire State Building -Grand Central Terminal 7 USD
  • Empire State Building - Jacob Javits Center 9 USD
  • Jacob Javits Center - JFK Airport 52 USD

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