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Transport in Antalya: buses, taxis and car rental

How much does it cost to get from the airport

Estimated taxi fare from the Airport to the city center 6 - 6,8 USD = 75 - 85. TRY Everything is organized in order of priority.

Transport in Antalya in Turkey, Taxis from Antalya airport
Taxis from Antalya airport

You can view prices and book a ride to the airport with the international online service KiwiTaxi

Antalya City Transport

In Antalya, there is a developed system of city buses and two lines of a fast city tram. There is Antalya tram lines diagram

The fare on the bus 0,21 USD = 2.60. TRY on the tram 0,19 USD = 2.40 TRY Payment is made through the card.

Taxi cost

  • Taxi boarding is estimated 0,24 USD = 3 TRY
  • Further for each kilometer 0,28 USD = 3.5 TRY
  • An average trip around Antalya can cost 1,6 - 3,2 USD = 20 - 40 TRY

I recommend using less expensive Uber taxi

Paper payment cards

For a quick visit to the city, just take a paper version of the ticket.

  • The card itself costs 0,08 USD = 1. TRY
  • for 2 trips the total cost of the ticket will be 0,52 USD = 6.5 TRY
  • for 4 trips the price will be 0,96 USD = 12 TRY

This type of card can be replenished no more than 5 times, no more than 0,80 USD = 10 TRY at a time.

Plastic payment cards

The second version of the card is a plastic one worth 0,40 USD = 5. TRY Replenishment is not limited and each next trip within an hour from the moment of landing will cost you 0,08 USD = 1. TRY

 You can buy and recharge a card in special machines on the streets of the city. The reader is located at the driver's door of the bus,  or in front of the turnstiles of the passage to the tram. Details on the map on the official website

Please note that cash fare is not possible!

Transport in Antalya in Turkey, Automatic machines for replenishing transport cards
Automatic machines for replenishing transport cards
Transport in Antalya in Turkey, Reader at the driver's door
Reader at the driver's door
Transport in Antalya in Turkey, Antalya city bus
Antalya city bus

Car rental in Antalya

Car rental in Turkey has a number of features. It is worth paying attention to the search for private offices, but it makes sense to take a car in them only at a significantly lower price. As in other countries, research should be done with agents, and finally with , large rental networks.

Compare car rental prices at various rental companies and book a car with the world’s largest international service Rentalcars

However, in Turkey there is a super-rental office from Spain offering good fresh cars at good and very good prices. This is

In general, make it a rule to always start researching prices from this office, unless of course it is present at the point of your search. For example, the final cost of renting for two weeks (14 days) through this office of a FIAT500 type car (ECONOMIC BB Group) was 38,2 USD = 480 TRY This is 2,7 USD = 34.35 TRY per day. The closest competitors almost doubled this price.

Features of a diesel car rental

The second feature is useful for those who take a car for a large mileage. In this case, you can overpay and take a diesel engine, but at the same time save on the cost of fuel, and most importantly on its consumption.

Example. For diesel they ask for about 0,96 USD = 12 TRY per day from above. Total to 38,3 USD = 481 TRY we add 13,4 USD = 168 TRY in addition.

The difference in fuel consumption per 100km is about 2 liters (for compact and small cars the ratio is 4.5 liters versus 6.5 per 100 km.). Total for every 100km of travel, the savings are about 1 USD = 13. TRY It’s easy to calculate that diesel will pay off after 1300km!

Or just if you intend to drive more than 100 km per day. In two weeks with an average car load, you can easily run over 3000 km.,  so the diesel will be very handy, but, of course, it will depend on its margin.

Initial car inspection

As elsewhere, special attention should be paid to the initial inspection of the car, photography and especially video shooting will greatly help you in case of illegal nitpicking when handing over a car. Always sign the delivery acceptance of the car only after the actual inspection !!!

Make sure that all your complaints are marked in the inspection report. Despite the fact that, according to statistics of insurance companies, Turkey is not included in countries of particular risk,  Extra precautions will not hurt. And, of course, having your own insurance, for example from your credit card, is greatly appreciated!


There is no insurance of your own and you don’t feel confident, then take additional insurance from the company, just find out the prices in advance,  since the initially small rental price can grow at times!

Well, of course, renting on the spot will be significantly more expensive.  For example, on the same day to rent a car in Goreme will cost from 32,7 USD = 29 EUR per day, and this is without insurance!

Transport in Antalya in Turkey, parking for the reception and delivery of rented cars at Antalya airport
parking for the reception and delivery of rented cars at Antalya airport

Toll roads and HGS sticker

Do not forget about the availability of toll highways. HGS sticker is already included in the price of almost all rental cars, therefore, all that you will need is to pay the accumulated debt to the rental office upon delivery of the car.

Transport in Antalya in Turkey, HGS sticker
HGS sticker

Fuel cost per liter in Turkey:

  • Gasoline 0,50 - 0,52 USD = 6.3 - 6.5 TRY
  • Diesel 0,45 - 0,48 USD = 5.7 - 6.0 TRY
Transport in Antalya in Turkey, Gas prices in Antalya
Gas prices in Antalya

Cost and features of parking lots

Usually there are a lot of places with the opportunity to leave a car for free, so this is not especially true for Turkey in the middle lane.

Cost of parking at Antalya Airport:

  • Up to 1 hour 0,84 USD = 10.50 TRY
  • Up to 3 hours 1,2 USD = 14.50 TRY
  • Day 2,9 USD = 36 TRY
Transport in Antalya in Turkey, cost of parking at Antalya airport
cost of parking at Antalya airport

Bicycle or motobike rental

  • A good mountain bike for rent will cost you about 11,3 - 16,9 USD = 10 - 15 EUR per day
  • Motobike rental from 22,5 USD = 20 EUR per day

It’s convenient to choose a bike or motobike rental using the service

Read my review of useful websites to choose the right means of transport for your travel

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