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What to see in Goreme in Turkey (Cappadocia region)

The main reason why people usually come to Cappadocia, to this small corner of such a large country, is to see and walk around the mini-canyons, and also, if you have a solid financial opportunity, take a ride in a balloon, observing the fantastic views from heights from a couple to several hundred meters.

Goreme Town

The small town of Goreme (Goreme) is the tourist center of the Cappadocia region. It is interesting to walk around the town, admire the unusual views and interesting houses - hotels in the rocks. In addition to hotels, the city has many restaurants, cafes and shops. On all sides Goreme is surrounded by magnificent canyon valleys.

Cappadocia, Turkey, Unusual landscape of Göreme
Unusual landscape of Göreme
Cappadocia, Turkey, Hotels in the rocks
Hotels in the rocks
Cappadocia, Turkey, View of the city of Goreme
View of the city of Goreme

Canyons of Cappadocia

There are several of them:

  • Red Valley
  • Rose Valley
  • Love Valley
  • Zemi Valley
  • Pigeon Valley
  • Kiliclar Valley
  • Iceridere Valley
  • Babatick Valley

The first three are considered the most visited (and I want to add beautiful ones).

Cappadocia, Turkey, Canyon Love Valley
Canyon Love Valley
Cappadocia, Turkey, More Love Valley
More Love Valley
Cappadocia, Turkey, Rose Valley
Rose Valley
Cappadocia, Turkey, Rocks of various shapes
Rocks of various shapes
Cappadocia, Turkey, Bronze Age dwellings in the rocks
Bronze Age dwellings in the rocks
Cappadocia, Turkey, Dwellings of cavemen in the rocks
Dwellings of cavemen in the rocks
Cappadocia, Turkey, Rocks are quite unusual
Rocks are quite unusual

Walking features

Technically, going through these canyons is not particularly difficult, you can even go in sandals. But almost certainly you will want to climb a little more than along the tracks.

In that case, wear good tracking shoes. The duration of the canyons varies, but take it as a rule that, going through the entire track and returning will take you at least 4 hours. Easily possible and more if you are not in a hurry to enjoy the beauties. This tracking is really impressive and not difficult!

Cappadocia, Turkey, Canyons in the afternoon can be hot
Canyons in the afternoon can be hot
Cappadocia, Turkey, You can just walk along the paths
You can just walk along the paths
Cappadocia, Turkey, You can climb around
You can climb around
Cappadocia, Turkey, In the cafe you can relax and have a snack
In the cafe you can relax and have a snack

How much does it cost to fly in a balloon

Wealthy tourists can enjoy ballooning over the canyons listed above.

The cost of a flight for one person depends on the duration and route, and is usually 166,7 USD = 150 EUR per hour (up to 16 people in a basket, without food).

Over an hour and a half flight with buffet-style meals (all u can eat), royal landing with champagne and juices, and other commemorations will cost 277,9 USD = 250 EUR

Provided that, in principle, prices in Turkey do not bite, the cost of flying on balls is quite expensive. Compare with 50 - 70 USD in Laos .  I will add that from the ground the spectacle of simultaneously flying about 70 balls is more than impressive!

Cappadocia, Turkey, Hot air ballooning
Hot air ballooning

Caves in Cappadocia

Cave city of Uchisar

Uchisar is an interesting and unusual village. Definitely worth a visit and see the caves with living inhabitants inside)). There is even a POLICE office inside one of the caves!

Cappadocia, Turkey, Cave city Uchisar
Cave city Uchisar

Zelve Open Air Museum

If you want to see the same thing, but by paying money, you will have the opportunity in Zelve Open Air Museum. Cost 2,2 USD = 15. TRY parking 0,44 USD = 3 TRY

Cappadocia, Turkey, Underground Museum City Zelve
Underground Museum City Zelve
Cappadocia, Turkey, living room in the underground city
living room in the underground city


A very interesting place with a lot of ancient caves. Unusual, beautiful views. It is here that you can find in the mass of cave-type housing. Here begins the Rose Valley smoothly turning into the Red Valley.

Cappadocia, Turkey, The ancient city of Cavusin
The ancient city of Cavusin

General museum ticket throughout Turkey

You can purchase a common museum ticket throughout Turkey.

  • Costs 46,2 USD = 315 TRY for 15 days in Turkey (more than 300 museums included)
  • and 16,1 USD = 110 TRY for 3 days only in Cappadocia (15 museums included).

Details and purchase on

Travel cards

Prices for excursions

  • The most amazing valleys, monasteries in the rocks of Goreme and local crafts, 6 hours 55,6 USD = 50 EUR
  • Explore the caves of Derinkuyu and Selime Monastery, walk along the river and enjoy the scenery of the valleys, 8 hours 61,1 USD = 55 EUR
  • The whole of Cappadocia from the height of a balloon flight, View unusual landscapes and get an unforgettable experience 277,9 USD = 250 EUR

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