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Tourist Accommodation in Turkey - Review of Hotel Prices

An example of the cost of housing in Istanbul

Despite the seeming Asian affiliation of the city and inexpensive food, high-quality temporary housing is inappropriately expensive. You will have to look for a good hotel, read reviews about the hotel that you have noticed, sometimes photos and a description of it on search engines not quite true. For about 0 USD you can rent a decent 4 star hotel with a swimming pool, but in reality and in conscience, one star in Turkey one should always take away in advance.

An example of a hotel in Istanbul for 0 USD

Hotels in Istanbul, Bed
Hotels in Istanbul, Bathroom
Hotels in Istanbul, Pool
Hotels in Istanbul, View of Istanbul from the pool
View of Istanbul from the pool

Antalya Hotels

In the low season there are a lot of offers, and finding decent apartments for about 10,9 USD = 10 EUR is not difficult. Of course, all sorts of bonuses, such as pools, gyms, steam rooms and baths, can easily not work at this time.

During the High Season from April to October, price tags easily increase 3-4 times.

In the photo, budget accommodation in the range of 10,9 - 16,3 USD = 10 - 15 EUR per day for two.  As usual, the included breakfast will be valuable, which in Turkey is most often good.

Hotel in Antalya for 10-15 Euro, Breakfast included
Breakfast included
Hotel in Antalya for 10-15 Euro, Bedroom
Hotel in Antalya for 10-15 Euro, Kitchenette
Hotel in Antalya for 10-15 Euro, Bathroom

It’s worth noting that the 5-star option is also beneficial especially compared to other countries. In low season it is not difficult to take on 49 - 54,5 USD = 45 - 50 EUR If the hotel is real Turkish, you will be pleased with the included Turkish bath, pool, steam room and gym! Extremely beneficial

What is housing in Goreme

Reservation through standard systems, such as and others brings a decent result . A huge number of reviews allows, after careful examination, to make a reasonable choice.

Prices for fairly decent inexpensive hotels start at 3,3 USD = 110 TRY per night (low season).

Photo Royal Stone house hotel

Unconditional advice to take the included in the price high-quality and hearty breakfast, so as not to waste time the rest of the day looking for food. And when they are fed fruit for dinner, and even for free, you are practically packed with food.

Prices for hotels in Goreme, Hotel Royal Stone house
Hotel Royal Stone house
Prices for hotels in Goreme, Breakfast at the hotel
Breakfast at the hotel
Prices for hotels in Goreme, Hotel room
Hotel room
Prices for hotels in Goreme, Free fruit for dinner
Free fruit for dinner

Unfortunately, sometimes, if there are no guests at the hotel, budget hotels may cancel the buffet and instead provide a limited breakfast menu. It is important to check the operation of heating in the room, especially in winter. If something is not turned on, such as a battery in the bathroom, just turn it on. Usually there are no problems.

Hotels in the rocks

Hotels made in the rocks can serve as an amazing place for wealthy guests. Cave Hotels. Their decoration and appearance a amazes even experienced travelers.

Prices can also hit: from 18,2 USD = 600 TRY in the low season, from 45,4 USD = 1 500 TRY in the high season. High season: from April to October.

You can view prices, book accommodations and read about the pros and cons of various hotel search engines in my review of hotel and apartment reservation systems

Rock hotels in Goreme in Turkey, Hotel in the rock outside
Hotel in the rock outside
Rock hotels in Goreme in Turkey, Room
Rock hotels in Goreme in Turkey, Bedroom
Rock hotels in Goreme in Turkey, Washbasins
Rock hotels in Goreme in Turkey, Jacuzzi

Estimated rental prices for a 2-room apartment in Turkey per month

  • Ankara 21,2 - 33,3 USD = 700 - 1100 TRY
  • Istanbul 30,3 - 60,5 USD = 1000 - 2 000 TRY
  • Antalya 18,2 - 42,4 USD = 600 - 1400 TRY

Housing prices in Turkey per square meter

  • Ankara 75,7 - 121,1 USD = 2 500 - 4 000 TRY
  • Istanbul 90,8 - 302,7 USD = 3 000 - 10 000 TRY
  • Antalya 54,5 - 121,1 USD = 1 800 - 4 000 TRY

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Shahla Morvaridi 2023-12-06
Thank you for great information I hope everything will be grateful. God bless.

Fran 2023-09-20
Prices are now 18 lira pet trip

Hans 2022-07-26
Fiyatlar fake. 2022 fiyatları bunların 7 katı

its wrong and old prices. Now you can give 7 time more

KNourdine 2022-08-02
It's clear but please where the updated prices are

Dmitry 2022-07-23
I just from ANTALYA. (fly from it 20/07/22)
The site is lye!
Yougurt(1.5k) cost 30-40 liras.
Milk(1l) cost 12-15 litas.
Its just example. Never seen cofe for 4 liras, its bulshit.

Ibra 2022-05-19
Hi please be updated these are old ones write new which are 4 times higher than this

Zahid 2022-04-20
Very informative

Kenny 2022-04-07
This prices are from 2017-2018. You need to multiply by 2.5-3 times

jalal 2022-02-20
مدیریت استرس در مردان دکتر ترانه موذنی

muhammad 2022-01-01
hello arkadaslar! Im coming from nigeria to istanbul.any one know prices of single bedroom in istanbul.and also daily meal, gas water internet bill pls some1 shuld help

Tarek 2022-05-22
Are you coming to colect the 5 million usd your father left for you when you became prince ?

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