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Istambul souvenirs and gifts with prices

Istanbul is a huge open-air shopping center. Depending on the area, you can buy anything and everything!   Sellers will lure you into their stores in you language, and for a simple walk, they may be too intrusive.

If possible, visit the main city market: Grand Bazaar.   The market impresses with its size, cleanliness, an abundance of souvenirs and all kinds of goods. Also, do not forget to visit the seasoned market - Spice Bazaar. Coordinates: 41.010612, 28.968092

Souvenirs of Istanbul, The main market of Grand Bazaar
The main market of Grand Bazaar
  • Gift sets of Turkish sweets and spices 1,9 - 3,7 USD = 24 - 46 TRY
  • Magnets 0,24 USD = 3 TRY
  • Bracelets 0,56 USD = 7 TRY
  • Candle holder 2 USD = 25 TRY
  • Soap scented souvenir 0,40 USD = 5 TRY per piece.
  • Sunglasses 0,80 USD = 10 TRY
  • Gift Backgammon 2,6 - 4,8 USD = 33 - 60 TRY
  • Magnetic Chess 1,4 USD = 18 TRY
Istanbul Souvenirs, Main Market  Grand Bazaar
Main Market Grand Bazaar
Istanbul Souvenirs, Gift sweets
Gift sweets
Istanbul Souvenirs, Gift set spice
Gift set spice
Istanbul Souvenirs, magnets
Istanbul Souvenirs, candle holder
candle holder
Istanbul Souvenirs, Soap
Souvenirs of Istanbul, Backgammon

Examples of item prices in Turkey

The prices of things very much depend on the district and the store. In resort places, for example, in markets in Antalya or Alanya, inexpensive clothes are widespread, prices are approximately the following:

  • jeans priced from 11,3 - 16,9 USD = 10 - 15 EUR
  • t-shirt 5,6 USD = 5 EUR
  • shirts 16,9 USD = 15 EUR
  • slippers 5,6 USD = 5 EUR
  • 15 USD blankets
  • bedding, a set costs 50 - 70 USD

In brand stores, prices are usually high, but 2 times a year there are good sales, with discounts of 50%. Usually in late winter and late summer. There are always discounts at stores for local residents on Turkish clothing brands. In shops for local residents at no discount. Turkish women's items cost around 20 USD with a discount of 5 - 10 USD

Still tourists are very fond of buying a fur coat, sheepskin coat and other leather things in Turkey. For example, for leather things in Istanbul, the prices may be:

  • Men's sheepskin coat with good fur 400 - 700 USD
  • A leather briefcase can be bought for 150 - 300 USD
  • A man purse costs on average 100 USD

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Try now ytl= yeni türk lira, (new turkish lira)

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Out-of-date! Prices are now higher in Turkey than the photos here. Multiply everything by 1,5 or even 2.

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USD=United States dollars
TRY= Turkish yen

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USD - US Dollars

TRY - Turkish Lira

Laiba 2021-05-20
I'm not understand what is used or try can anyone explain me


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