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Big Mac Index

Big Mac index - the cost of a burger in McDonald's network. Big Mac contains meat, vegetables, cheese, bread and other foods. It also includes the cost of renting space and equipment, labor, and other factors. If the price of a Big Mac low then we can say that the prices in the country are low, even if the high prices are relatively high. Research is conducted magazine «The Economist».

Валюта - USD

Country 2020 y.
Oman 3.02
Jordan 3.24
Scotland 4.51
Britan 4.51
Azerbaijan 2.32
Lithuania 4.88
Latvia 4.88
Finland 4.88
Estonia 4.88
Portugal 4.88
Montenegro 4.88
Spain 4.88
Netherlands 4.88
Slovakia 4.88
France 4.88
Ireland 4.88
Austria 4.88
Cyprus 4.88
Slovenia 4.88
Greece 4.88
Germany 4.88
Italy 4.88
Belgium 4.98
USA 5.67
Singapore 4.39
Australia 4.71
Switzerland 7.13
New Zealand 4.5
Canada 5.17
Romania 2.31
Malaysia 2.32
Poland 2.92
Peru 3.32
Turkey 1.7
UAE 4.02
Israel 5.09
Brazil 3.7
Hong Kong 2.64
China 3.28
Croatia 3.45
Guatemala 3.21
Denmark 4.78
Mexico 2.49
Sweden 5.98
Norway 5.87
Taiwan 2.52
Czech Republic 3.82
Honduras 3.55
Thailand 3.8
Nicaragua 3.44
Russia 1.77
Philippines 2.95
Argentina 2.13
Uruguay 4.18
India 2.54
Japan 3.76
Hungary 2.97
Costa Rica 3.84
Chile 3.46
South Korea 4.03
Lebanon 4.31
Colombia 3.28
Indonesia 2.32
Vietnam 2.84

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Anthony 2020-10-18
Your prices are wrong in europe. We do not pay the same prices throughout europe. In SPain it is cheaper than France for instance

OK!AG 2020-08-19
Rewe Bio Sauerkraut 0,99€/400g a thousand times better that all your bic mac together.

Niki 2020-08-10
You’re way too high for USA... We don’t pay that much

Sipho 2020-07-16
What is the Big Mac Index of Mozambique

Robbie 2020-05-24
The price does not necessarily reflect the cost of living. This depends on average wages and cost of other things like education and housing. Also, the exchange rate in US or other currency can dramatically distort the apparent cost.

Loran 2020-04-04
your prices are wrong

bigmaclover1988 2020-03-31
Big Mac is my favorite food when I go to the job, I take one bigmac with extra-cheese and when I going to the church, my bigmac is located in my pocket!

bigmaclovertoo 2020-03-31
Oh! You love bigmac as much as I do! I always take my big Mac when I go to the gym!

Chofritte 2020-03-13
I sure love a good ol big macci

louise 2020-03-11
I love a big mac

louise 2020-03-11
good thanks


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