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Transport in Warsaw and Poland, ticket prices

How to get to Chopin Airport in Warsaw

By public transport

Chopin Airport can be reached by bus or train. The train departure every 15 minutes. A trip by bus or train will take 25-30 minutes to the center of Warsaw. You will need a regular transport ticket for 1 zone for 75 minutes. That is, the price of a trip from the airport will be 1,1 USD = 4.4 PLN

By taxi

A taxi ride to the airport from the center of Warsaw will cost around 5 - 6,3 USD = 20 - 25 PLN Transfer from the airport with a meeting for 4 persons 5,8 USD = 23 PLN

You can view prices and book a ride to the airport with the international online service KiwiTaxi

Warsaw City Transportation Prices

  • Ticket with unlimited transfers for 20 minutes 0,86 USD = 3.4 PLN
  • Ticket with unlimited transfers for 75 minutes 1,1 USD = 4.4 PLN
  • 1 day ticket 3,8 USD = 15 PLN
  • 3 days travel card 9,1 USD = 36 PLN

Read more on the official website of the Warsaw transport

Taxi cost in Warsaw on the example of Uber

  • Per kilometer 0,33 USD = 1.30 PLN
  • Per minute of waiting 0,06 USD = 0.25 PLN
  • A taxi ride to the center of Warsaw can cost around 2,5 - 3,8 USD = 10 - 15 PLN

Rent a bike in Warsaw

Examples of bike rental prices from the Nexbike rental system.

  • First hour 0,25 USD = 1 PLN
  • The second hour 0,50 USD = 2 PLN
  • The third hour 0,76 USD = 3 PLN
Transport in Poland, City Bike Rental in Warsaw
City Bike Rental in Warsaw

Rent a car in Warsaw

Car rental in Poland is inexpensive by European standards. Examples of prices from international car rental companies when booking in advance for 1 month

  • Volkswagen Golf Mechanics 3 USD = 12 PLN
  • Opel Astra Automat 4,3 USD = 17 PLN

For full insurance without deductible, an extra charge of 2,5 USD = 10 PLN per day

Compare car rental prices at various rental companies and book a car with the world’s largest international service Rentalcars

Cost of car parking in Warsaw

  • Minimum 0,13 USD = 0.5 PLN for 10 minutes
  • First hour 0,76 USD = 3 PLN
  • Next Hours 0,91 USD = 3.6 PLN

Gasoline prices in Poland

  • Petrol (95, 98) 1,2 - 2,2 USD = 1.1 - 2 EUR
  • Diesel 1,3 USD = 1.2 EUR
By car in Poland, the cost of parking in the center of Warsaw
the cost of parking in the center of Warsaw

Prices for Intercity transportation in Poland

Buses from Warsaw

Travel by bus, the cheapest way to travel around Europe. As usual, the lowest price is offered when booking in advance. Examples of ticket prices between Warsaw and cities:

  • Lodz (go 2 hours) 3,3 - 7,6 USD = 3 - 7 EUR
  • Krakow (go 5 hours) 3,3 - 7,6 USD = 3 - 7 EUR
  • Minsk, Kiev 21,7 - 32,5 USD = 20 - 30 EUR go 9.5 hours
  • Moscow, 35 hours 43,4 - 48,8 USD = 40 - 45 EUR
  • Berlin, Prague, Vienna, price from 17,3 USD = 16 EUR to 30, depending on the bus company.

The cheapest tickets are offered by the German bus company Flixbus. When booking in advance, you get an almost symbolic price for a real trip on a modern bus with the Internet. It is convenient to compare prices from various companies using the Eurolines service

Trains in Poland

Traveling by train is more comfortable and usually much faster than a bus. But the ticket price is often higher.

Please note that there are no e-tickets. When buying on the site, you will receive a paper ticket that you can either deliver to you by mail, or you can pick up the ticket at the central post office upon arrival in Warsaw. Official site

Examples of prices for train tickets from Warsaw from the railways of Poland.

  • Lodz ( 1 hour) 15,1 USD = 60 PLN
  • Krakow (travel 2 hours) from 11,6 USD = 46 PLN
  • Minsk 30,3 USD = 120 PLN
  • Kiev 55,5 USD = 220 PLN
  • Moscow 130,1 USD = 120 EUR
  • Berlin from 68,2 USD = 270 PLN
  • Vienna from 21,7 USD = 20 EUR

Read my review of useful websites to choose the right means of transport for your travel

Blablacar in Poland

An alternative to public transport is travel in private cars through the popular Blablacar system. Often such a trip is cheaper and more convenient than a bus or train.

Let me give you indicative prices from Warshaw

  • Krakow 10,8 USD = 10 EUR
  • Lodz 5,4 USD = 5 EUR
  • Minsk 16,3 USD = 15 EUR
  • Kiev 21,7 USD = 20 EUR
  • Prague 21,7 USD = 20 EUR
  • Berlin 21,7 USD = 20 EUR
  • Moscow 32,5 USD = 30 EUR

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