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What to see in Poland and how much are the tickets for museums and tours of Warsaw and Krakow

Examples of prices for museums and attractions

Cognitive interactive museums of physics and chemistry. Regular ticket 7,7 USD = 31 PLN for children and teenagers 5,2 USD = 21 PLN Website

Royal Castle

Zamek Krolewski w Warszawie. Excursion with a group of costs 7,5 USD = 30. PLN Entrance with an audio guide 4,2 USD = 17 PLN Site

The Fryderyk Chopin Museum in Warsaw.

The country treats this Polish composer with great attention and respect. Regular ticket 5,5 USD = 22. PLN discount ticket 3,2 USD = 13 PLN

Warsaw Rising Museum.

Polish Military Museum. Entrance ticket 6,2 USD = 25. PLN audio guide 2,5 USD = 10 PLN Site

Museum of the History of Polish Jews

A huge interesting museum about the history of the Jewish people in Poland. Entry is 7,5 USD = 30. PLN audio guide 2,5 USD = 10 PLN

National Museum in Warsaw.

Archaeological finds, paintings, furniture, costume collections, porcelain and jewelry and other works. Ticket price 5 USD = 20. PLN children 3 USD = 12 PLN

Warsaw Zoo

Large territory. Lots of animals and birds. Separate buildings of the aquarium, terrarium, elephant, spacious swimming pool for hippos. From April to September 30 from October to March, the usual ticket costs 5 USD = 20. PLN children 3,7 USD = 15 PLN

Doll House Museum

A large collection of houses. A regular ticket costs 5 USD = 20. PLN children 3,2 USD = 13. PLN children under 100 cm are free. Official site:

What to see in Warsaw for free

Warsaw University Library

A beautiful library with a botanical garden on its roof - offering wonderful views of Warsaw.

Old Town

Traditional beautiful tourist spot. Many reconstructed buildings as well as restaurants and cafes. Beautiful Castle Square

Lazienki Park

Park for walks in the fresh air. Beautiful nature, ponds, birds and squirrels as well as landscape design. There are cozy cafes. Concerts are held in the warm season.

Things to do in Warsaw in Poland, Old Town
Old Town
Things to do in Warsaw in Poland, Castle Square in the Old Town
Castle Square in the Old Town
Things to do in Warsaw in Poland, Castle Square - the central tourist spot
Castle Square - the central tourist spot
Things to do in Warsaw in Poland, Vistula Embankment
Vistula Embankment

Examples of excursions in Warsaw

Hop on hop off bus

  • 1 day 17,4 USD = 70 PLN
  • 2 days 22,4 USD = 90 PLN

Individual Tours

Examples of prices prices for the entire tour.

  • Tour of the Warsaw ghetto. You can learn about the most tragic period in the history of Jewish Warsaw, the cost of the tour is 53,8 USD = 50 EUR
  • Warsaw by bike. Acquaintance with the city for active persons 64,6 USD = 60 EUR
  • Streets of beautiful Warsaw. The touching stories and iconic places of the city, risen from the ruins 67,8 USD = 63 EUR
  • Excursion to the Auschwitz Museum from Warsaw 129,2 USD = 120 EUR
  • Tasting tour. Traditional Polish cuisine. 64,6 USD = 60 EUR

Examples of group excursions in Warsaw with a group

  • Walking tour of Warsaw 3,7 - 5 USD = 15 - 20 PLN
  • Tickets for the Chopin Piano Concerto. Chopin's cozy concert in the place where he used to play 3,5 USD = 14 PLN
  • Chopin in Warsaw. 3-part tour in 3 hours. Learn about Chopin's life, work, earnings, his relationships with women, his passions and obsessive ideas at the Chopin Museum in Warsaw. Stroll through the city with a guide and see the best of the historic district from the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier to the Presidential Palace. Visit a Chopin concert with a glass of traditional Polish wine. Price 48,5 USD = 45 EUR

Attractions in Krakow

Tickets to the museums of Krakow cost approximately 1,5 - 3 USD = 6 - 12. PLN A list of museums with opening times and ticket prices is available on the official website in English. Here are examples of the most popular museums:

Stained Glass Museum.

In the museum of stained glass you can not only admire the stained glass, but also get acquainted with the process of their creation. Ticket price 8,7 USD = 35. PLN Site

Oscar Schindler Factory

Muzeum Historyczne Miasta Krakowa Fabryka Emalia Oskara Schindlera. Ticket price 2,7 USD = 11 PLN

Krakow’s Historical Center

Ancient beautiful buildings, riding horses, a lot of tourists, tasty hot wine, lively market square Free

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Excursions in Krakow

Individual Tours

  • Еhe old Krakow. Walk around the medieval city, admire the panoramic view and dive into the history. Price 40,9 USD = 38 EUR in 2 hours
  • The dark side of Krakow. View the Old Town from a mystical perspective and hear its ancient legends 16,2 USD = 15 EUR in 2 hours

Excursions with a group

  • Krakow city tour by electric car, 3 hours 18,3 USD = 17 EUR
  • Big Krakow Tour: Old Town, Jewish Quarter and Bublik 21,5 USD = 20 EUR
  • Wieliczka Salt Mine. Famous landmark included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Excursion from Krakow 5 hours 32,3 - 43,1 USD = 30 - 40 EUR
  • Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum and Memorial Tour from Krakow 6-8 hours 32,3 - 43,1 USD = 30 - 40 EUR
  • Chopin's concert in Krakow 14 USD = 13 EUR

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Prices for souvenirs in Poland

  • Souvenir Magnets 1,7 - 3,7 USD = 7 - 15 PLN
  • Earrings 7,5 USD = 30 PLN
  • Souvenir plates 7,5 - 9,9 USD = 30 - 40 PLN
  • T-shirts 9,9 USD = 40 PLN
  • Caps 6,2 - 14,9 USD = 25 - 60 PLN
Prices for souvenirs in Poland, Prices for magnets
Prices for magnets
Prices for souvenirs in Poland, Clothes
Prices for souvenirs in Poland, Jewelry
Prices for souvenirs in Poland, Souvenir plates
Souvenir plates
Prices for souvenirs in Poland, Caps

Various beauty services

  • Manicure 9,9 USD = 40 PLN
  • French manicure 19,9 USD = 80 PLN
  • Pedicure 27,3 USD = 110 PLN
  • Men's haircut 7,5 USD = 30 PLN
Prices for services in Poland, Prices in the beauty salon
Prices in the beauty salon
Prices for services in Poland, Men's haircut
Men's haircut

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