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Transportation in Lebanon in Beirut


There are mini buses in the city, there are very old ones with torn seats, there are newer ones, they go every 15 minutes, Fare 1 USD = 1 500 LBP On the photo there is a mini bus N15, the route of which is laid along the embankment.

Transport in Beirut in Lebanon, Mini bus along the embankment
Mini bus along the embankment

Shared taxi

There is also a shared taxi. The condition of these cars can be unacceptable for a tourist, but there are luxury level taxi.

The fare is from 0,66 USD = 1000 LBP per person within the city.

This taxi works according to the following scheme, you stop the car with red numbers and if there is no one there, then tell where you go (or show a place on the map) and warn the driver that you are not against fellow travelers, otherwise the driver will take you alone with pleasure, but the price will be like a real taxi. If someone is already in the car, the driver will simply inform you about the destination and whether you will be with him or not along the way. The car should be stopped with RED numbers. Drivers of speak tolerable English.

Transport in Beirut in Lebanon, bad shared taxi
bad shared taxi
Transport in Beirut in Lebanon, good shared taxi
good shared taxi

Rent a car in Beirut

Renting a car in the city at local offices costs about 25 USD per day with the condition that you take it for 3 days. Cars look like in the photo, with greenish numbers. Checking rented companies of world fame at the price level brought disappointing results - 50 USD per day with a fence from the airport.

Transport in Beirut in Lebanon, Car for rent
Car for rent
Transportation in Beirut in Lebanon, Office of the rental company
Office of the rental company

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Lebanon Gas Prices

Surprisingly, in Lebanon, the unit of the petrol inlet is 20 liters !!! Price is one for all gas stations.

  • 16,5 USD = 24 800 LBP for 20 liters of 95th
  • 16,9 USD = 25 500 LBP for 20 liters of 98th
  • 13 USD = 19 600 LBP for 20 liters of diesel
  • That is, the 95th liter is worth 0,82 USD = 1 240 LBP
Transport in Beirut in Lebanon, The cost of gasoline in Lebanon
The cost of gasoline in Lebanon

Parking fees in Beirut

Parking in the city during the day

  • 0,17 USD = 250 LBP in 15 minutes
  • 2 USD = 3 000 LBP for 3 hours

You can pay both by credit card and cash, if you have a local SIM card, you can also pay by SMS. The information is given in three languages: French, English and Lebanese Arabic. After payment you must place the sticker in a visible place under the windshield.

If your car has been standing in a parking space for more than 10 minutes without payment, then the penalty from 2019 is 13,3 USD = 20 000 LBP

Transport in Beirut in Lebanon, Photo of the parking meter
Photo of the parking meter

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