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Transport and attractions in Dubrovnik

Buses, ferries and taxis


Public transportation developed quite well even in the old town. Cost of bus ride 1,7 USD = 12 HRK if purchased in advance at a kiosk, or 2,2 USD = 15 HRK from the driver. All information about routes, timetables and fares can be found on the official website

Transportation in Dubrovnik (Croatia), Bus
Transport in Dubrovnik (Croatia), Intercity buses schedule
Intercity buses schedule
Transportation in Dubrovnik (Croatia), Bus fares
Bus fares
Transportation in Dubrovnik (Croatia), Buses routes
Buses routes

Ferries from Dubrovnik

  • Dubrovnik - Lokrum - Sv.Jakov - Dubrovnik 10,9 USD = 75 HRK
  • Dubrovnik - Lopud - Dubrovnik 31,8 USD = 220 HRK

Taxi prices

  • Call free of charge. Boarding 3,9 USD = 27 HRK and then per a mile 1,3 USD = 9 HRK
  • Service Meeting at the airport Dubrovnik from 36,2 USD = 250 HRK
Transportation in Dubrovnik (Croatia), Taxi fares
Taxi fares
Transport in Dubrovnik (Croatia), Meeting at the airport by tour companies
Meeting at the airport by tour companies

The cost of parking

The cheapest option - a mile walk from the old town 1,4 USD = 10 HRK per hour. In the Downtown 5,8 USD = 40 HRK per hour.

Transportation in Dubrovnik (Croatia), Parking machine
Parking machine
Transport in Dubrovnik (Croatia), The cost of a covered parking
The cost of a covered parking

Attractions and entertainment in Dubrovnik with prices

Dubrovnik offers a large number of travel agencies and tours.

Active rest

  • Lokrum Island by kayak 50,7 USD = 350 HRK duration 4 hours.
  • Walk tour to the Fort Imperial 36,2 USD = 250 HRK per 2.5 hour hike.
  • A Walk in the suburb of Dubrovnik 420,4 USD = 2 904 HRK hours.
Excursions in Dubrovnik (Croatia), Lokrum Island by kayak
Lokrum Island by kayak
Excursions in Dubrovnik (Croatia), Excursion to the Fort Imperial
Excursion to the Fort Imperial
Excursions in Dubrovnik (Croatia), Walk in the suburb of Dubrovnik
Walk in the suburb of Dubrovnik

The prices for excursions and tours (various agencies in Dubrovnik)

  • Mostar from 42 USD = 290 HRK
  • Montenegro 42 USD = 290 HRK
  • Korcula 56,5 USD = 390 HRK
  • Medugorje 50,7 USD = 350 HRK
  • Castle of Sokol 115,8 USD = 800 HRK
  • World famous TRSTENO Arboretum and STON town 115,8 USD = 800 HRK
  • 3 islands with lunch 31,8 USD = 220 HRK
  • Split 79,6 USD = 550 HRK
Excursions in Dubrovnik (Croatia), Various group day tours
Various group day tours
Excursions in Dubrovnik (Croatia), Tours Half-day
Tours Half-day
Excursions in Dubrovnik (Croatia), Visit to Split
Visit to Split

More excursions and tours in Dubrovnik

  • Walking city tour 13 USD = 90 HRK
  • water bus excursion (boat with glass bottom) 10,9 USD = 75 HRK
Excursions in Dubrovnik (Croatia), Walking city Tours
Walking city Tours
Excursions in Dubrovnik (Croatia), glass-bottom boat excursion
glass-bottom boat excursion

Cable car and mountain view point

A wonderful view of the city opens from the mountains. To get there without a car, you can either walk, winding through the mountains, or cable car .

The fare one-way 13 USD = 90. HRK and back 18,8 USD = 130. HRK There is a free toilet and a small restaurant.

Things to do in Dubrovnik (Croatia), Cable car ticket prices
Cable car ticket prices
Things to do in Dubrovnik (Croatia), The cable car in Dubrovnik
The cable car in Dubrovnik
Things to do in Dubrovnik (Croatia), Menu at the restaurant on top of the mountain
Menu at the restaurant on top of the mountain

Tour companies of Dubrovnik

A lot of information about tours, excursions, transportation and housing, can be found on tour companies we-sites:

Sites for booking excursions

Inexpensive rental housing

Try to look for accommodation a little further from Dubrovnik itself, in cities nearby, such as Mlini. It will be cheap and cheerful. The price is in the region of 21,8 USD = 20 EUR for an excellent euro room of a decent size, clean, cozy with a balcony and a gorgeous sea view. The price also includes a shared kitchen. A distinctive feature of shower cabins in the countries of the former Yugoslavia is the use a tank-tank for slow heating of water, the volume of which is often not enough for taking a shower for two people in turn. The second person has to wait until the water heats up.

You can view prices, book accommodations and read about the pros and cons of various hotel search engines in my review of hotel and apartment reservation systems

Photo of an inexpensive hotel near Dubrovnik

Accommodation in Dubrovnik (Croatia), Room in a budget hotel
Room in a budget hotel
Accommodation in Dubrovnik (Croatia), View from the balcony to the sea
View from the balcony to the sea
Accommodation in Dubrovnik (Croatia), Bathroom in the hotel for 20 euros
Bathroom in the hotel for 20 euros
Accommodation in Dubrovnik (Croatia), Shower cabin
Shower cabin
Accommodation in Dubrovnik (Croatia), Budget hotel kitchenette
Budget hotel kitchenette

Currency exchange

Currency exchange offices are scattered throughout the city in abundance, make sure that the exchange rate is correct and no interest rate or one-time remuneration. Always negotiate the amount in advance.

Currency exchange in Dubronik (Croatia), Currency exchange office
Currency exchange office

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