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Entertainment and transport in Zargeb in Croatia

Zagreb - what to see, how much are tickets

Free attractions

The central area of Ban Jelačić with the monument to Josip Jelačić. The coordinates 45.813182, 15.977333 . Nearby is the Dubrovnik Cathedral and St. Stephen's and Vladislav . This beautiful cathedral with night illumination. The old town is recommended to visit in the evening.

It is also recommended to vizit square with Saint Mark's Church. Coordinates: 45.816323, 15.973690. Note: relatively close is Ribnjak Park. Coordinates: 45.816765, 15.980139. Visit the best King Tomislav square, coordinates 45.806108, 15.978636. Also pleasing Art Pavilion in Zagreb, located in the same area.

All additional information can be found on the website of Tourism Zagreb:

Museums and parks of Zagreb (Croatia), The central square of Ban Jelačić
The central square of Ban Jelačić
Museums and parks of Zagreb (Croatia), Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and St. Stephen's and Vladislav
Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and St. Stephen's and Vladislav
Museums and parks of Zagreb (Croatia), Saint Mark's Church
Saint Mark's Church

Plitvice Lakes

When planning your trip, do not forget to consider the opportunity to visit the natural park The Plitvice Lakes National Park.

The ticket price depends on the season. An example of the cost of an adult ticket for 1 day:

  • Summer + September 43,4 USD = 300 HRK
  • April, May, October 26,1 USD = 180 HRK
  • November, December, January, Ferral, March 11,6 USD = 80 HRK

There are various categories of discount tickets. So de discount for a 2-day ticket.

You can get to the Park by bus. Official website with prices for different ticket categories:

Plitvice Lakes in Croatia, Many waterfalls
Many waterfalls
Plitvice Lakes in Croatia, Unusual beautiful waterfalls
Unusual beautiful waterfalls
Plitvice Lakes in Croatia, Comfortable wooden paths
Comfortable wooden paths
Plitvice Lakes in Croatia, Wooden bridges and ladders
Wooden bridges and ladders
Plitvice Lakes in Croatia, Beautiful views of waterfalls
Beautiful views of waterfalls
Plitvice Lakes in Croatia, Boat on the lake
Boat on the lake
Plitvice Lakes in Croatia, View of the lakes from a height
View of the lakes from a height

Sites for booking excursions

Read my review of useful websites to buy tickets for sightseeing tours and attractions

Local transportation in Zagreb

Public transportation fares

  • One trip 1,4 USD = 10. HRK at night 2,2 USD = 15 HRK
  • 1 day travel 4,3 USD = 30 HRK
  • 3 days 10,1 USD = 70 HRK
  • 7 days 21,7 USD = 150 HRK
  • 30 days 57,9 USD = 400 HRK

More information at

Transportation in Zagreb (Croatia), City tram
City tram
Transportation in Zagreb (Croatia), Bus stop
Bus stop
Transportation in Zagreb (Croatia), Tickets Composter
Tickets Composter

Rent a car and parking

Examples of prices from international rental companies when booking in advance for 1 month for 10 days. For full insurance without a franchise, a surcharge of 9,8 USD = 9 EUR per day

  • Opel corsa, mechanic 14,2 USD = 13 EUR
  • Vokswagen golf, automatic 16,3 USD = 15 EUR

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The cost of parking is strongly dependent on the location. In cheap, not central places, the cost per hour is 0,43 USD = 3 HRK and 8,7 USD = 60 HRK for 24 hours.

Bike rental

The cost of renting a bike about 0,87 - 1,16 USD = 6 - 8 HRK per hour and 10,1 - 14,5 USD = 70 - 100 HRK a day.

Transportation in Zagreb (Croatia), Car parking
Car parking

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