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Souvenirs in Croatia - overview of prices


  • Souvenir shops are common in the old town. Prices start at 1,4 USD = 10 HRK for badges and magnets.
Souvenirs in Zagreb (Croatia), Magnets

Dubrovnik, some prices for souvenirs and small things


  • Shampoos 4,2 USD = 29 HRK
  • Cream 2,5 USD = 17 HRK
  • Soap 0,58 USD = 4 HRK per piece.
  • Toothpastes from 1,6 USD = 11.29 HRK for 100ml.
  • Toothbrushes from 1 USD = 6.99 HRK for 4 pieces.
Things in Dubrovnik (Croatia), creams and shampoos
creams and shampoos
Things in Dubrovnik (Croatia), toothpaste and brushes
toothpaste and brushes
Things in Dubrovnik (Croatia), Shower gels
Shower gels

Prices for souvenirs

  • Souvenir coins made on the press stroke of the hammer. Price from 8,7 USD = 60 HRK
  • Magnets from 3 USD = 21 HRK
  • Dolls from 11,6 USD = 80 HRK
  • mask-face from 14,3 USD = 99 HRK
  • natural jams from 10,4 USD = 72 HRK
  • olive oil from 10,4 USD = 72 HRK
Souvenirs in Dubrovnik (Croatia), Manufacturing of souvenir coins
Manufacturing of souvenir coins
Souvenirs in Dubrovnik (Croatia), Souvenir coins
Souvenir coins
Souvenirs in Dubrovnik (Croatia), Souvenirs Glassware
Souvenirs Glassware
Souvenirs in Dubrovnik (Croatia), Olive oil
Olive oil
Souvenirs in Dubrovnik (Croatia), Dolls
Souvenirs in Dubrovnik (Croatia), Masks


Souvenir shops are common, prices start from 0,43 USD = 3 HRK per postcard with a view of the city.

  • dolls handmade from 8,7 USD = 60 HRK
  • figurines handmade from 36,2 USD = 250 HRK
  • coins from 2,9 USD = 20 HRK per pack.
  • leather products from 11,6 USD = 80 HRK
Souvenirs in Dubrovnik (Croatia), Gift cards
Gift cards
Souvenirs in Dubrovnik (Croatia), Souvenir toys
Souvenir toys
Souvenirs in Dubrovnik (Croatia), Coins and leather
Coins and leather

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