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Housing prices in Amsterdam and the Netherlands

Hotels and apartments for tourists in the Netherlands

Examples of prices for hotels in Amsterdam

  • Hostel 43,4 - 65,1 USD = 40 - 60 EUR ber bad
  • Hotel ibis 2-3 stars 130,3 - 162,8 USD = 120 - 150 EUR
  • 4 star hotel cost from 217,1 USD = 200 EUR
Hotels in Amsterdam, Room in Hostel
Room in Hostel
Hotels in Amsterdam, Ibis type hotel 2-3 stars
Ibis type hotel 2-3 stars
Hotels in Amsterdam, Hotel 4 stars
Hotel 4 stars

Accommodation for tourists in Amsterdam is extremely expensive. The solution may be rental apartments from individuals in remote areas, the suburbs or towns around Amsterdam.

On my trip to north Holland, I rented apartments through Airbnb . All for about 54,3 USD = 50 EUR per day. Here are examples of apartments in the Netherlands dor 54,3 USD = 50 EUR

  • Remote area Amsterdam-Zuidoost, room in an apartment
  • Town Purmerend, 30 minutes from Amsterdam. A room with own bathroom and toilet, in a private house
  • Utrecht City, ship cabin
  • City of Dordrecht, room in a historic building from 1681
Accommodation for tourists in the Northern Holland, Apartment in the city of Dordrecht
Apartment in the city of Dordrecht
Housing for a tourist in Northern Holland, Cabin on a ship
Cabin on a ship
accommodation for a tourist in Northern Holland, Room in the city of Pürmered
Room in the city of Pürmered

You can view prices, book accommodations and read about the pros and cons of various hotel search engines in my review of hotel and apartment reservation systems

Long-term rental housing in Amsterdam

Monthly Rental Price Examples

  • Private rooon room in an apartment 542,7 - 868,4 USD = 500 - 800 EUR
  • Renting a small apartment with furniture of 45-50 m2 868,4 - 1 519,7 USD = 800 - 1400 EUR depending on the district
  • Rent a large apartment with furniture 80-90 m2 1 953,9 - 2 713,7 USD = 1 800 - 2 500 EUR

When renting an apartment without furniture prices will be much lower. Even lower price can be obtained if you rent an apartment without interior decoration. It will be necessary, for example, to paint the walls or even to lay a floor covering.

How to search for housing

The most popular bulletin board for housing search in the Netherlands

Utility Payments in the Netherlands

  • Electricity and heating 130,3 - 195,4 USD = 120 - 180 EUR per month, depending on consumption
  • Water and drainage around 32,6 USD = 30 EUR per month
  • Garbage collection, street cleaning and other payments around 651,3 USD = 600 EUR per year
  • Parking space around 217,1 USD = 200 EUR per year
  • Internet, television, telephone 43,4 - 54,3 USD = 40 - 50 EUR

Property Purchase

Cost per square meter of housing in Amsterdam 5 427,4 - 8 683,9 USD = 5 000 - 8 000 EUR depending on the area

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