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Transportation in Kuching (Malaysia): buses and boats

Сentral bus station

The central and largest bus station Kuching Sentral (Location: 1.48194, 110.33235) . From here departure all the coaches which connect Kuching with other cities of Malaysia and Indonesia. Located 10 km away from the city center. To get this bus station take city bus number 2. The journey takes about 40 minutes (depending of traffic on the road). The cost 0,32 USD = 1.5. MYR

Malaysia, Borneo, Kuching, bus station Kuching Sentral
bus station Kuching Sentral
Malaysia, Borneo, Kuching, Main directions buses Schedules
Main directions buses Schedules
Malaysia, Borneo, Kuching, City bus station
City bus station
Malaysia, Borneo, Kuching, Bus routes information
Bus routes information

City bus

City bus station (or rather just a place where buses temporarily gather together and are all the same place. Location (1.55789, 110.34189). The cost depends on the destination, but inside the city is 0,21 USD = 1. MYR The city centre is small, and if you are accustomed to walk, buses within the city are not required. In addition to buses there are mini-buses. Note that they have no timetables, and departure only when completely filled. The cost of travel to the city on a mini-buses 0,42 USD = 2 MYR


boatmen carrying people across the river of the city, take for a 2 minute carting 0,11 USD = 0.5 MYR

Malaysia, Borneo, Kuching, inside the boat
inside the boat
Malaysia, Borneo, Kuching, Boat station
Boat station
Malaysia, Borneo, Kuching, the price for transfer to the airport by bus
the price for transfer to the airport by bus


Unique feature of the international airport of Kuching (Location: 1.48766, 110.34157) is a complete lack of public transportation which could connect the airport with the city center. The way out is a kilometer long pedestrian walk along a fairly busy road with no pavement from the exit of the Airport to the intersection, where there is a bus station Kuching Sentral. It is not necessary to go inside the bus station (although there is a grocery supermarket inside if needed). Along the main road walk to the nearest stop on the way to the city center. From here to the Water Front departure almost any transport, but the exact destination and price before boarding! The approximate Location of the stop 1.48449, 110.33110.

An alternative way to get to the airport is a mini-van. You can by ticket at tune Hotel. Price 2,1 USD = 10. MYR The minimum number of people - 2! At any time you can order a taxi for 6,4 USD = 30. MYR Great deals on flights to Kuching offers the world's best airline AirAsia!

Malaysia, Kuching, getting the airport, Timetable and prices
Timetable and prices

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