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Transport in Helsinki in Finland

How much does it cost to get to the airport

Helsinki Airport is located 17 km from the city center. You will need a ticket covering the ABC transport zones. The fare 4,5 USD = 4.1 EUR You can use the following transport:

  • High speed train, the journey takes 30 minutes
  • City bus, the journey takes 40 minutes

By taxi from the Airport

The cost of a taxi ride from Helsinki Airport is about 38,1 USD = 35 EUR

You can view prices and book a ride to the airport with the international online service KiwiTaxi

Prices for public transport in Helsinki

Helsinki's transport system is well developed. There are trams, a small metro, buses and trains, as well as ferries. The tickets are the same for any transport, with the possibility of transferring between different types of transport. One trip is limited to 80-100 minutes, depending on the number of transport zones covered by the ticket. The city has 4 transport zones. Travel fares:

  • A ticket covering zones A + B will cost 3 USD = 2.80 EUR
  • A + B + C 4,5 USD = 4.1 EUR
  • A + B + C + D 6,2 USD = 5.7 EUR

Tickets are bought in advance in vending machines, as well as through the phone. From the driver will be much more expensive.

Travel tickets

Travel tickets will help you to save on transportation costs

  • Day pass 8,7 USD = 8 EUR
  • Pass for 2 days 13,1 USD = 12 EUR
  • Travel pass for 3 days 17,4 USD = 16 EUR
  • Weekly pass 34,9 USD = 32 EUR
  • Tickets are purchased from vending machines. Children's tickets are traditionally 2 times cheaper

For more details, visit the Helsinki Urban Transport website

The ferry to the fortress island of Svaeborg (Suomenlinna) costs 5,4 USD = 5 EUR there back

Transport prices in Finland, Helsinki Metro
Helsinki Metro

Taxi in Helsinki

Examples of taxi prices in Helsinki by meter. Uber taxi will be traditionally cheaper

  • Taking a taxi 6,5 USD = 6 EUR
  • Payment per kilometer 8,7 USD = 8 EUR
  • A minute of waiting in a traffic jam 0,87 USD = 0.8 EUR
  • Thus, a trip around the city can cost about 16,3 - 27,2 USD = 15 - 25 EUR

Cycling in Helsinki

The city is perfect for cycling. An extensive network of bike paths. In some places, even bike tunnels are organized. Helsinki has an extensive low-cost bike rental system You need to buy a subscription on the website

  • 1 day costs 5,4 USD = 5 EUR
  • Week 10,9 USD = 10 EUR
  • Season 27,2 USD = 25 EUR

The first 30 minutes of rental are free, then 1,1 USD = 1 EUR in 30 minutes

Transport prices in Helsinki, City bike rental prices
City bike rental prices
Transport prices in Helsinki, Bicycles for rent
Bicycles for rent
Bicycle in Helsinki, Cycle paths
Cycle paths
Bicycle in Helsinki, Bicycle and pedestrian tunnels
Bicycle and pedestrian tunnels

Car rental in Finland

Approximate prices for car rental at the airport

  • Hyndai i10, MT 27,2 USD = 25 EUR
  • Volkswagen golf, MT 34,9 USD = 32 EUR
  • Volkswagen golf, AT 41,4 USD = 38 EUR

For full insurance without a deductible, a surcharge of 10,9 USD = 10 EUR per day

Compare car rental prices at various rental companies and book a car with the world’s largest international service Rentalcars

Gasoline and parking prices in Helsinki

  • Gasoline 95 costs 1,6 USD = 1.5 EUR
  • 98 petrol 1,7 USD = 1.6 EUR
  • Diesel 1,5 USD = 1.4 EUR

In the center of Helsinki parking costs 0,22 USD = 0.20 EUR per minute and 3,3 - 4,4 USD = 3 - 4 EUR per hour

Prices for transport in Finland, Prices for gasoline in Finland
Prices for gasoline in Finland

Ferries from Helsinki

The seaport of Helsinki is located not far from the city center. You can walk. The main operators of sea passenger transportation are Viking Line and Silja Line

A ticket for the Helsinki Linear Route - Tallinn costs about 21,8 - 43,6 USD = 20 - 40. EUR depending on the time of day

Ferry routes are also popular in Riga , Stockholm and Copenhagen .
Transport in Helsinki and Finland, Lilja Line ferry
Lilja Line ferry

Airfare to Helsinki

Many European airlines fly to Helsiki, including low-cost carriers. Offers can vary in price, time and place of departure. Traditionally, the more convenient the flight (in terms of time and place of departure), the more expensive.

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