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Transportation in Brunei

Bus station BSB

The city bus station is located in the heart of the BSB (Bandar Seri Begawan). Location: 4.88784, 114.94369.From here,departure local and international buses to Indonesia and Malaysia. The fare 0,74 USD = 1 BND Bus controller is present.

Transport in Brunei, Bus to Miri (Malaysia)
Bus to Miri (Malaysia)
Transport in Brunei, Bus to Malaysia (Miri)
Bus to Malaysia (Miri)
Transport in Brunei, bus to Miri
bus to Miri

Bus to Malaysia (Miri city)

For transfer to Miri suitable bus company PHLS SDN BHD, quite comfortable bus for a 4.5 hour drive.Location of the place of its departure: 4.88974, 114.94401 (opposite the entrance to the newly-constructed high-rise building). Price 13,4 USD = 18. BND Tickets can be purchased (need passport) in the bus when boarding, or from intermediaries, such as cafes Deb ROY@LLE C@FE(4.88865, 114.94276). On the way stops for 10- 30 minute in the cities Seria and Kuala Belait.

Brunei, Stop Cafe, you can buy a ticket to Miri
Stop Cafe, you can buy a ticket to Miri

Water transporntation from Malaysia

From Malaysia from the island Labuan to Brunei Muara town you can take a boat. The price is about 30,5 USD = 41. BND Location pier Muara: 5.01425, 115.06627. From here you can catch a local bus purple (he's one), which is 10 minutes and cost 0,74 USD = 1 BND (do not forget to take pass (transfer), to avoid paying the second bus to BSB) will take you to the bus station Muara (Location : 5.02588, 115.07074), where you will board the bus to BSB. Check with the driver which bus goes to the BSB.

Transport in BruneiTransport in , boat from the Labuan island to Muara
boat from the Labuan island to Muara
Transport in Brunei, bus to Muara
bus to Muara

Taxi in BSB

A special feature is the same BSB taxi fare in the city, regardless of the distance 18,6 USD = 25. BND
Taxi from Muara to BSB 37,2 USD = 50 BND

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