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Sumatra island

How to get to the island Samosir on the Lake Toba in Indonesia

Transport from Medan Town to Parapat

By bus

Local bus, departing without schedule form the bus station Amplus Central of Medan . Located in the south-east of the city, Location 3.53967, 98.71832. The fare is fixed 1,6 USD = 25 000 IDR and displayed on the tickets. Duration of travel from 4.5 to 6 hours. Do not forget that in Indonesia smoke everywhere, even in the bus! Get to the bus station from the airport: local yellow mini-bus number 64 with the fixed cost 0,19 USD = 3 000 IDR Stop place where you can catch the bus: 3.572255,98.678162 . From the Airport to this stop you need to walk about 500 meters. Back to Medan bus leaves from the corner where the gas station. There is also the office of the company where you can buy a ticket. Location: 2.66653, 98.94336

By Minivan

Minivan 6 - 7 people. In Medan office sought by the ads. Back from Parapat to Medan office is located right next to the pier. Location: 2.66088, 98.93068 . The cost in fixed 4 USD = 65 000 IDR You driven to any desired point within the city of Medan, including the airport.


Approximately 18,6 USD = 300 000 IDR for all of you.

Indonesia, transport to Samosir, Tuk Tuk, Bus SEJAHTERA in Parapat
Bus SEJAHTERA in Parapat
Indonesia, transport to Samosir, Tuk Tuk, Minivan to Parapat
Minivan to Parapat
Indonesia, transport to Samosir, Tuk Tuk, Prices minivans to Parapat
Prices minivans to Parapat

How to get from town Parapat (Samosir Island) to the town Tuk Tuk

You arrive to the town Parapat. Go to the pier, where every hour departure a boat to the island. Price 0,62 USD = 10 000 IDR You need one that goes the the Tuk Tuk. Schedule on photos. You will need to say which hotel or guesthouse you go. If you are unsure, choose one on the map, or ask for advice. You can ask there the price, leave luggage and look for other options.

Indonesia,  Samosir,  Ship to Samosir Island
Ship to Samosir Island
Indonesia,  Samosir,  Samosir ships schedule (city Tuk Tuk)
Samosir ships schedule (city Tuk Tuk)

Note: the last ferry to the the island depatruer just after 6pm. If you late, you will have to spend the night in unpleasant town Parapat and waste money.


Cost of renting a bike and bicycle in Indonesia

  • Cost of renting a motobike 3,1 - 5 USD = 50 000 - 80 000 IDR
  • Bicycle rental 1,6 - 1,9 USD = 25 000 - 30 000 IDR
  • Gasoline costs per liter 0,37 USD = 6 000 IDR
Transportr in Indonesia, Sumatra, bike and rentals
bike and rentals
Transportr in Indonesia, Sumatra, Filling with petrol
Filling with petrol

Examples of prices for housing and tours in town Tuk Tuk

There are a lot of various housing in town Tuk Tuk. Need to go and choose to taste and financial possibilities. There is a high (March to October) and low (November to February) seasons. Prices range from 2,8 USD = 45 000 IDR for budget options without hot water and a scruffy room, and to 24,8 USD = 400 000 IDR for a nice hotel suburban type.

Good clean and pleasant rooms with great views of the lake, hot water and the beach can be found at 4,3 - 6,2 USD = 70 000 - 100 000 IDR When renting for a month you can get a small discount, no more than 20%.

Indonesia, housing in Tuk Tuk, Budget hotel (island Samosir)
Budget hotel (island Samosir)
Indonesia, housing in Tuk Tuk, View from rooms
View from rooms
Indonesia, housing in Tuk Tuk, View of Lake Toba
View of Lake Toba
Indonesia, housing in Tuk Tuk, On the balcony
On the balcony
Indonesia, housing in Tuk Tuk, Lake Toba
Lake Toba
Indonesia, housing in Tuk Tuk, Inexpensive hotel with the Lake View
Inexpensive hotel with the Lake View

Some entertainment prices in Tuk Tuk

  • Internet club 0,62 USD = 10 000 IDR per hour
  • Magic mushrooms. Portion of 4 USD = 65 000 IDR
Indonesia, Samosir, Schedule and prices of tours
Schedule and prices of tours
Indonesia, Samosir, Internet club
Internet club

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