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Dubai prices

Examples of transportation prices in Dubai and the Emirates

Taxi fares in Dubai

  • Catch a taxi 0,82 - 0,95 USD = 3 - 3.5. AED per kilometer 0,44 USD = 1.6 AED minimum trip fare 2,7 USD = 10 AED
  • Trip in the center of Dubai can cost 8,2 USD = 30 AED
  • From centre of Dubai to the Jumeirah beach is about 16,3 USD = 60 AED
  • Sharjah - Dubai 13,6 - 17,7 USD = 50 - 65 AED
  • Abu Dhabi - Dubai 95,3 USD = 350 AED

Long-distance buses in UAE

  • Dubai - Sharjah 1,9 USD = 7 AED
  • Dubai - Abu Dhabi 1 h 20 min 5,4 USD = 20 AED

Metro and buses fares in Dubai

  • Single red card, the trip cost 0,68 - 1,77 USD = 2.5 - 6.5 AED depending on the distance of travel
  • Reusable silver card, trip costs 0,63 - 1,58 USD = 2.3 - 5.8. AED the card costs 5,4 USD = 20 AED ( 3,8 USD = 14 AED on the account)
Transport in Dubai, Buying a bus ticket
Buying a bus ticket
Transport in Dubai, Single tickets for the bus
Single tickets for the bus

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Car rental

Approximate prices for car rental

Examples of prices from international rental companies from Dubai airport when booking in advance for 1 month for a period of 10 days. For full insurance without a deductible, a surcharge of 2,7 USD = 10 AED per day

  • Toyota Yaris, manual 4,6 USD = 17 AED
  • Honda Civic, automatic 6 USD = 22 AED
  • Renault Duster, automatic 8,4 USD = 31 AED

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Costs associated with the car

  • Speeding can cost 245 USD = 900 AED
  • Penalty for wrong parking 40,8 USD = 150 AED
  • Gasoline costs 0,46 USD = 1.7 AED per liter of 95


The usual cost of parking in the city:

  • per hour 0,54 USD = 2 AED
  • two hours 1,4 USD = 5 AED
  • 3 hours 2,2 USD = 8 AED
Parking in Dubai, Parking machine
Parking machine

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