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Pricesd for gifts and souvenirs in Dubai

Sweets in USE

What to buy in Dubai? A feature of souvenirs are oriental sweets such as dates, figs and nuts. This is business card of UAE, like other eastern countries. Prices per piece of oriental sweets 5,4 - 95,3 USD = 20 - 350 AED For example souvenir dates costs 24,5 - 81,7 USD = 90 - 300 AED per 1 kg., depending on the type and content

Souvenirs in Dubai, Dried figs in a souvenir box
Dried figs in a souvenir box
Souvenirs in Dubai, apricots stuffed
apricots stuffed
Souvenirs in Dubai, stuffed dates
stuffed dates
Souvenirs in Dubai, Oriental Sweet
Oriental Sweet
Souvenirs in Dubai, Candy
Souvenirs in Dubai, Truffles

You can by real vanilla sticks 10,6 USD = 38.75 AED per piece and cinnamon sticks 4 USD = 14.75 AED per pack 18gr., as well as other spices.

Souvenirs in Dubai, Vanilla sticks
Vanilla sticks
Souvenirs in Dubai, Cinnamon sticks
Cinnamon sticks

Traditional souvenirs of UAE

  • Magnets, bracelets, small souvenirs 1,4 - 5,4 USD = 5 - 20 AED
  • Handmade souvenirs medium size 136,1 - 2 450,6 USD = 500 - 9000 AED
  • Aroma sticks per pack 1,6 USD = 6 AED
Souvenirs in Dubai, Mugs
Souvenirs in Dubai, Bracelets
Souvenirs in Dubai, Magnets
Souvenirs in Dubai, Various souvenirs
Various souvenirs
Souvenirs in Dubai, Flavoring coli
Flavoring coli

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    I want to know the price of rice

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    I have good sweet Ugandan avacados I need some 1 interested . My whatsapp +256759616632and my email

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    I am new to Dubai I am getting 300 UAE can I manage whole months with this amount

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    Omg just had 2teas and 2 coffees cost me 120 ued at the dusty thani

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    I have Gawa Fruit of Best Quality and want to sell in Dubai.

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    Plz tell more

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    I am having Super lemon ....
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