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How to get to the airport Torp near Oslo

Budget Airport TORP: transoprtation to nearby cities with examples of fares

Buses and trains from the airport Torp

  • The cost of the bus to Oslo 22 USD = 240 NOK one way and 40,3 USD = 440 NOK round trip. Site of the bus company:
  • The cost of travel by train to Oslo 23,8 USD = 260 NOK one way.
  • Train fare to airport Oslo Lufthavn 33,5 USD = 366 NOK
  • Train to Tonsberg 4,4 USD = 48 NOK one-way
  • Train ticket to Sandefjord in one direction 3,5 USD = 38 NOK
Transportation from Torp Airport (Norway), Railway station Torp
Railway station Torp
Transportation from Torp Airport (Norway), Train to Sandefjord
Train to Sandefjord
Transportation from Torp Airport (Norway), Inside the train to Sandefjord
Inside the train to Sandefjord

Things to do in Sandefjord

The Museum of the whalers. Entrance fee 6,4 USD = 70 NOK Location: 59.131102, 10.227323

Entertainment in Sandefjord (Norway), Visitors Center
Visitors Center

Tourist Information Centre, the only one in the city. Open hours: from 9 am to 16.00 on weekdays. Location: 59.128442, 10.228504 Site:

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    Irene 2022-04-13
    I didn't actually expect how things are expensive in norway? I don't think am fascinated about norway any longer!

    Tofael 2022-07-01
    Now, it's much more higher than you can expect!

    Emmer 2022-07-27
    Hi Tofael, what is the average price for 1 kg of avocado in Norway currently?

    Dog owner 2022-01-17
    Price of tinned dog food please?

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    기수윤 2021-08-28

    Do you have any Norwegian friends or Norwegian hot dog coffee?
    If yes, place an order
    If I order, can you shop in Korea?
    When I order products in Iceland, they shop in Korea.

    Myself 2021-06-14
    For the people who live in Norway: How much are your groceries, and how often do you buy your groceries. Thanks!

    Sachin 2021-05-24
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    Sachin 2021-05-24
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    Sachin 2021-05-24
    From india

    Zterg 2021-02-13
    Most of the prices that was shown was all wrong. It’s more expensive in reality. I hope they will arranged this so that it won’t misled people/ tourist.

    Reza 2020-08-27
    Dear Sir / Madam
    We are Cellfaam co in Iran . we are supplier of the best quality pistachio with competitive price. we would appreciate it if you could let us know your order

    Reno 2020-12-31
    Am always interested in your Pistachio nuts.
    They Were always easy to purchase in America,
    but where are they to be bought in Noreay ?

    O.O 2020-06-08
    Who actualy puts their name

    Raid shadow legends 2020-06-08
    Thank you this is helpfull


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