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Transportation in Jordan and features of car rental

Buses in Jordan and how to get to Amman Airport

From the airport to the capital Amman you can take a bus 4,9 USD = 3.5. JOD from Amman to Madaba the bus costs 1,1 USD = 0.75. JOD

In large cities, a bus service is available, but for a trip between cities you will have to look for bus stations, drivers do not speak English and, literally, on the fingers will have to explain where you need to go. In the buses smoke.

Example of a mini bus between cities at the bus stop of Kerak city (the direction of travel at the station is not indicated,  the cost must be learned from the driver)

transport in Jordan, Bus in the city of Kerak
Bus in the city of Kerak
Transportation in Jordan, Bus from Amman Airport (decent)
Bus from Amman Airport (decent)
If you are going to travel around the country a lot, then the best option is to rent a car.

Rent a car in Jordan

International car rentals

The car is the most convenient means of transportation in the country, the roads are good, and the views along the way are breathtaking. At Amman airport, the world's major car rental offices are represented, but the cost of renting is incomparably higher than in Europe, for example. Expect a bill of 0 USD per week.

Compare car rental prices at various rental companies and book a car with the world’s largest international service Rentalcars

Local Offices

It is recommended to rent from local offices, such as Omaish. Their offices are located near the airport, on the main highway. A representative of the office will meet you with a sign when leaving the baggage claim area, take you to the place, the whole process is not very complicated, although knowledge of English is highly recommended. This way you can save 2 times and the bill of 169,3 USD = 120 JOD per week (without full insurance) is real. Deposit (franchise) per car 705,5 USD = 500 JOD

Features of car rental in Jordan

It is highly recommended to capture the condition of the car on video or take a photo, as well as make all the potholes and scratches in the inspection document. Pay attention to the condition of the cabin, as well as tires.

Rent a car in Jordan, Photo of rental office
Photo of rental office
Car rental in Jordan, Interior condition
Interior condition
Car rental in Jordan, Tire condition
Tire condition

I note the cosmetic condition of the rented cars in this country from bad to terrible. On the one hand, this is good, and it will be harder to find fault when you return, on the other hand, it causes a lot of inconvenience during the initial inspection and registration of all dents, scratches and other things. However, ride quality is usually good!

You will be offered to pay extra for full insurance (in a very polite manner) and this is your personal choice. If you are going to drive through the mountains, drive into the desert, then expect the condition of the roads, suitable only for a full drive car. The main roads are asphalted and their condition is good.

The cost of gasoline in Jordan

  • 1,4 USD = 0.965 JOD for the 95th
  • 1,1 USD = 0.75 JOD for the 90th
  • 0,85 USD = 0.605 JOD for diesel and kerosene.
Rent a car in Jordan, Photo refueling
Photo refueling

At these stations are accepted as credit cards as cash and refueling is carried out by the employee refueling.

 There are private gas stations, where gasoline is a bit cheaper, 0,99 USD = 0.7 JOD for the 90th, but they are without amenities and only cash is accepted.  To the surprise of the appearance and the interior of most gas stations in Jordan resembles photographs of ancient gas stations of the last century.  And all this in a country so expensive to live in!

Cost and features of parking.

Parking places near attractions are free There is little parking space near Petra, the best option is to stay at the hotel with parking and leave the car there.

At Amman Airport

  • up to 10 min 5,6 USD = 4. JOD
  • 10-60 min 18,3 USD = 13. JOD
  • further 18,3 USD = 13 JOD per hour.

Valet parking

  • first hour 7,1 USD = 5. JOD
  • every extra hour 2,8 USD = 2. JOD
  • 21,2 USD = 15 JOD per day.
Car rental in Jordan, Parking near Wadi Rum
Parking near Wadi Rum

Taxi Features & Prices

Taxis look decent from Amman Airport, the cost will be as follows:

  • to Sahab 26,8 USD = 19 JOD
  • to Amman /Madaba 30,3 USD = 21.5 JOD
  • Alsalt 40,9 USD = 29 JOD
  • to the Dead Sea /Alzarka 48 USD = 34 JOD
  • Wadi Musa /Petra 107,2 USD = 76 JOD
  • Aqaba 156,6 USD = 111 JOD
  • to the border with Iraq 165,8 USD = 117.5 JOD

The cost of a taxi from a hotel in Aqaba:

  • to the south beach 9,9 USD = 7 JOD ( 16,9 USD = 12 JOD there and back)
  • Wadi Rum 35,3 USD = 25 JOD
  • to Wadi Rumwith a jeep tour for 3 hours 49,4 USD = 35 JOD per person
  • to Petra 63,5 USD = 45 JOD ( 84,7 USD = 60 JOD there and back)
  • to the border with Israel 14,1 USD = 10 JOD
transport in Jordan, Taxi in Jordan
Taxi in Jordan
Transportation in Jordan, Taxi stand at the airport
Taxi stand at the airport

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