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Overview of prices on the island of Santorini (Greece)

The island of Santorini amazes with the beauty of its buildings stretched along the coast of the island.

How to get to Santorini from Athens

From Athens, you can get to the island by plane or ferry. The ferry journey will take about 10 hours. You can buy ferry tickets on the website: . The cost of a round-trip ticket is about 78,9 USD = 75 EUR depending on the ferry company and the class of service. BLUE STAR FERRIES website:

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Santorini Transport

City bus fare around the island 1,9 - 2,3 USD = 1.8 - 2.2 EUR Coordinates of the bus station in Thera: 36.416579, 25.433469

Prices for transport in Santorini, Bus station
Bus station

How to get to Oia and the beautiful scenery of the coast

The town of Oia is located 12 kilometers from Thera. The most beautiful houses and landscapes of the coast are located there - the visiting card of Santorini, located in the very north of the island, on its western side.

The bus ride from Thera to Oia takes about 40 minutes due to the narrow road and heavy traffic. Bus stop at Oia: 36.463085, 25.376759. There is also a Tourist Information Center.

Walk to the farthest point. Take your time and enjoy the stunning views. Be careful as the steps are slippery especially during and after rain! If you want to avoid the climb from the pier in Thera and further heavy traffic around the island itself, you can take the ferry to Oia for 9,5 USD = 9 EUR

Prices in Santorini, Beautiful houses on the coast in Oia
Beautiful houses on the coast in Oia
Prices in Santorini, Tourist Information Center in Oia
Tourist Information Center in Oia

Excursions and activities in Santoini

Examples of excursion prices

  • Santorini: 5-Hour Small Group Cruise on Catamaran 94,7 USD = 90 EUR
  • Volcanic Islands Cruise & Hot Springs 42,1 USD = 40 EUR
  • Santorini Traditional Bus Tour 47,3 USD = 45 EUR

Sites for booking excursions

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Examples of some entertainment prices

  • Fish foot massage 11,6 USD = 11 EUR for 15 minutes
  • Excursions by ferry 17,9 - 36,8 USD = 17 - 35 EUR
  • Cost of the cable car from the pier to the city of Thera 5,8 USD = 5.5. EUR You can climb yourself, on foot. Attention: be extremely vigilant when climbing and descending on foot, as donkeys ply along the same slippery road. It is very easy to get lost in between. Fractures are not uncommon. The coordinates of the highest lifting point: 36.419097, 25.430447
Prices for holidays in Santorini in Greece, Cable car to the city of Thera
Cable car to the city of Thera
Prices for holidays in Santorini in Greece, Foot massage with fish
Foot massage with fish
Prices for holidays in Santorini in Greece, Excursions by ferries
Excursions by ferries

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    The quickest way to get around for less money is the metro (subway).
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    Is athens smoker-friendly?

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    I need to buy French brand President butter. Is it available in supermarkets in Athens?

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    Yes, President butter is available at most big supermarket chains.

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    Mirza tahir Baig 2021-05-06
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    Yes there will be English in bars, tavernas, restaurants.


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