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How much does housing cost in Copenhagen - specifics of renting and buying apartments

Accommodation prices for travelers in Denmark

Copenhagen has a good selection of hotels through standard booking systems like Here are the indicative hotel prices:

  • Hostel in the center 21,7 - 32,6 USD = 20 - 30 EUR per bed, for example Generator hostel
  • Hotel room 2 stars type 54,3 - 76 USD = 50 - 70 EUR for example an inexpensive room in Wakeup Copenhagen Borgergade
  • Hotel room 4, Mercure or Novotel 76 - 130,3 USD = 70 - 120. EUR for example Ascot Copenhagen
  • Renting a small apartment of 50m2 in the center from 65,1 USD = 60 EUR

You can view prices, book accommodations and read about the pros and cons of various hotel search engines in my review of hotel and apartment reservation systems

Accommodation in Copenhagen in Denmark for the traveler, Hostel Generator
Hostel Generator
Accommodation in Copenhagen in Denmark for the traveler, Inexpensive hotel Wakeup Copenhagen Borgergade
Inexpensive hotel Wakeup Copenhagen Borgergade
Accommodation in Copenhagen in Denmark for the traveler, Hotel Ascot Copenhagen
Hotel Ascot Copenhagen
Accommodation in Copenhagen, Denmark for the traveler, Apartment from a private person in the center
Apartment from a private person in the center

How to get a lower price

These are examples of prices for hotels in the city center. A few metro stops from the city center, the cost of hotels will traditionally be 20 percent lower. A way out of high prices and small rooms, there may be a popular rent of serviced apartments for rent through AirBNB

Long term rental

Features of renting apartments and apartments in Denmark

Traditionally for many European countries the tenant needs to prove his reliability, usually the following certificates are needed:

  • Recommendations from previous landlords
  • Proof of solvency, can be a bank statement or a contract from an employer.

Examples of rental prices.

  • Rent a small apartment 50-60 m2 in the central districts of Copenhagen 1 307,6 - 1 598,2 USD = 9 000 - 11 000 DKK per month
  • Renting a similar apartment not in the center or in the suburbs will cost 871,8 - 1 307,6 USD = 6 000 - 9 000 DKK per month
  • Renting a large apartment 80-100 m2 will cost 1 888,8 - 2 615,3 USD = 13 000 - 18 000 DKK per month, depending on the area and the condition of the apartment.
  • Parking space 54,3 - 76 USD = 50 - 70 EUR per month

Example of a 2-bedroom apartment in a Copenhagen suburb in a new building

Apartment for Rent in Copenhagen in a new building, House Outside
House Outside
Apartment for Rent in Copenhagen in a new building, Hall
Apartment for Rent in Copenhagen in a new building, Entrance hall
Entrance hall
Apartment for Rent in Copenhagen in a new building, Kitchen

Websites for finding accommodation for rent in Denmark

Bulletin Boards

Real Estate Agency Websites

Buying Property in Denmark

Features of buying real estate

To buy a home, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must have already lived in Denmark for at least 5 years.
  • Non-EU citizens need to have a residence permit in Denmark or business in Denmark
  • Citizens of EU countries must have a job in Denmark.
  • Foreigners cannot buy property in the coastal resort lands.
  • To buy real estate, it is usually necessary to pay for the services of a lawyer, as well as pay a tax of 1-2% of the cost of housing.

Home Purchase Prices in Copenhagen

The price per square meter depends on the distance from the city center, as well as the age of the house. Older houses are cheaper, but maintenance costs are higher. Estimated prices

  • In central areas 581,2 - 726,5 USD = 4 000 - 5 000 DKK per square meter
  • In the suburbs 406,8 - 508,5 USD = 2 800 - 3 500 DKK per m2

Thus, an apartment is a small one-bedroom apartment 50m2-60m2 away from the center of Copenhagen will cost about 232 466,8 USD = 1 600 000 DKK

Websites for real estate search

  • - offers from agencies, site in Danish
  • - many offers from individuals and agencies, analytical articles in Danish

Utility bills in Denmark

  • Electricity, heating, water, garbage disposal can be about 145,3 - 188,9 USD = 1000 - 1 300 DKK per month
  • Internet cost about 36,3 USD = 250 DKK per month
  • Electricity cost 0,29 USD = 2 DKK per 1 kW /h

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    Jesper M 2022-02-08
    Prices for home purchases are completely false. Central Copenhagen goes for 50’000 DKK per Sq m. or 7’000 EUR. So 10x your estimate. In the best street of Copenhagen center (Amaliegade) expect to pay more than the double so >14’000 EUR for the flats in the nicest buildings.

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