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What to visit in Copenhagen in Denmark - castles, museums and excursions

Castles, temples and palaces of Copenhagen

Rosenborg Castle

Residence of the Danish kings and treasury with a rich exhibition of jewels. There is a beautiful garden around the castle. Website

  • Entrance to the castle 17,4 USD = 120 DKK for adults, for children under 18 free of charge
  • Combined ticket to Rosenborg and Asalienborg 24,7 USD = 170 DKK

Amalienborg Royal Palace

In the palace you can see the offices of the members of the royal family and the Queen herself. At noon, in front of the castle on the square, there is a march of the royal guards and a solemn changing of the guard. Website

  • Entrance to the castle 13,8 USD = 95 DKK for adults, for children under 18 free of charge
  • Combined ticket to Rosenborg and Asalienborg 24,7 USD = 170 DKK

Kronborg Castle

The medieval castle is a fortress with towers, fortress walls, a huge ballroom and casemates. Website

  • Adult ticket 21,1 USD = 145 DKK (In winter the ticket is cheaper)
  • Children under 18 are free

Christiansborg Palace

Interesting interiors and exhibitions of the castle. You can climb the tower, which offers a panoramic view of Copenhagen. Website

Adult ticket 23,2 USD = 160 DKK Children under 18 free

The Round Tower

Easy ascent without steps. On the way up there are halls with small exhibitions. Stunning views of the city on the observation deck. There is a small observatory at the top. Website

  • Adult ticket 5,8 USD = 40 DKK
  • Child ticket (5-15) years 1,5 USD = 10 DKK

Our Savior's Church.

The 17th century temple impresses with its unusual architecture and beauty of the interior decoration. You can climb the spire along an open spiral staircase and see the Danish capital from a bird's eye view. Entrance fee 7,3 USD = 50 DKK

Copenhagen Museums

New Carlsberg Glyptotek

Many exhibits of ancient Egypt, Etruscans, Greek period, statues and paintings. Luxurious winter garden with huge palm trees and a fish pond. Website

  • Adult ticket costs 16,7 USD = 115 DKK
  • Children under 18 are free

The National Museum of Denmark

A huge museum with a magnificent exposition of archaeological finds from the Stone and Bronze Age. Floor about the history of Denmark with the recreation of the life of different centuries. An interesting exposition dedicated to the Vikings. Website

  • Adult 16,7 USD = 115 DKK
  • Free for children under 18

Factory Museum Carlsberg

Visit Carlsberg Brand Store. You can learn more about the brewing process, and, of course, taste. The excursion price 14,5 USD = 100. DKK Website

Copenhagen Tourist Card

Free admission to major museums and attractions (All popular castles, zoo, aquarium, amusement park) and public transport pass.

  • Price per day 61,9 USD = 57 EUR
  • Price 2 days 90,1 USD = 83 EUR
  • Three days 110,7 USD = 102 EUR
  • 5 days 146,5 USD = 135 EUR
  • For children 2 times cheaper

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Excursions in Copenhagen

Copenhagen Private Tours

  • Copenhagen through the eyes of a local 162,8 USD = 150 EUR
  • Three islands of Copenhagen - boat trip 141,1 USD = 130 EUR
  • Cycling in Copenhagen 97,7 USD = 90 EUR
  • Copenhagen Food Tour 162,8 USD = 150 EUR

Group excursions

  • City tour on Sigway 1hour 54,3 USD = 50 EUR
  • Standard City Walking Tour 27,1 USD = 25 EUR
  • Small group walking tour 4 hours 65,1 USD = 60 EUR
  • Hop-on-hop-off boat 38 USD = 35 EUR
  • Hop-on-hop-off bus 38 USD = 35 EUR

Sites for booking excursions

What to visit for free

Juhavn New Harbor

Popular Embankment with colorful houses and many restaurants and cafes. Most photographed place in Copenhagen

Batanic Garden

Great park with Tropical greenhouse. Many plants, ponds with ducks and few tourists.

City Hall

Inside are beautiful corridors, stairs and halls. This is a Working administrative institution that you can just go to. Website

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