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Transport in Cyprus: buses, taxis, rent a car

Paphos city buses

The country has an extensive bus network. For a trip around Paphos, you can use the site , where you can quickly find the bus number of your route and fare ( website in Greek and English). You can also learn the bus schedule, which depends on the season and day of the week.

  • One-time fare for Paphos is 1,8 USD = 1.5 EUR
  • Night ride from 21:00 3 USD = 2.5 EUR
  • If you intend to use the transport more than three times, then you can consider a travel card for the day 5,9 USD = 5. EUR
  • Children under 5 years old travel free
  • Students and children up to 12 years old - with a 50% discount.
  • A weekly pass costs 23,6 USD = 20. EUR

The photo shows the numbers of buses with a visit to the main attractions of the city and surrounding area.

Cyprus Transport, bus numbers to attractions
bus numbers to attractions

Tickets are purchased from the driver, travel passes at the stations. There are toilets at the main bus stops. Here you can buy a ticket for the whole day or week.

Transport of Cyprus, Central bus stop near the archaeological park and the Paphos embankment
Central bus stop near the archaeological park and the Paphos embankment

Paphos Bus Route Maps

How to get to Paphos airport

№612 and №613 buses go to Paphos airport, and only in summer is the 649 bus from Polis.

Taxi fares

  • From Paphos airport to the city 29,5 - 33,1 USD = 25 - 28 EUR for 4 people
  • From Larnaca Airport to Paphos 118,2 USD = 100 EUR per car for four

Cyprus Intercity Buses

Intercity buses between the major cities of Cyprus:

  • from Nicosia to Limassol the bus goes several times a day, duration 1 h 45 min, travel costs 5,9 USD = 5. EUR a ticket for the day 10,6 USD = 9 EUR
  • from Nicosia to Paphos bus takes 2 hours and costs 8,3 USD = 7. EUR day ticket 15,4 USD = 13 EUR
  • from Nicosia to Larnaca bus goes 1 hour and 15 minutes, costs 4,7 USD = 4. EUR per day 8,3 USD = 7 EUR

Photos with more detailed bus timetables

Cyprus Transport, example of an intercity bus
example of an intercity bus

If you visit the mountainous and remote parts of the island, it is recommended to rent a car.

Cyprus Car Rental

At the airports of the island are the main European car rental offices. The price level depends on the season (there are three of them: low from November to March, high from mid-July to mid-October and average). Price dynamics are also influenced by the rental period and the class of the car.

Car Rental Tips

Of course, before the arrival it is necessary to examine the prices on the companies website, they may differ by 2 times.

It is also possible to rent a car in the city from local offices, cost for an economy option from 20,1 USD = 17 EUR to 33,1 USD = 28 EUR in high season, insurance and GPS is charged extra.

Always look not only at the car body, the condition of the glass and tires, but it is also recommended to look at the car under the bottom, especially in the areas of wheel arches and the bottom near them. It is recommended to film the car on video in detail. Such a detailed inspection is very unnerving staff, but strain yourself and don’t pay attention

Transport of Cyprus, The cost of renting a car from local companies
The cost of renting a car from local companies

Cyprus petrol prices

  • 95 petrol costs 1,4 USD = 1.21 EUR
  • 98th 1,5 USD = 1.26 EUR per liter.

And in the north of the island gasoline is more expensive than in the region of Larnaca and Nicosia.

Cyprus Transport, The cost of gasoline in Cyprus
The cost of gasoline in Cyprus

Parking fees

  • 30 minutes 0,35 USD = 0.30 EUR
  • per hour 0,71 USD = 0.60 EUR
  • Day parking in Nicosia 3,5 USD = 3 EUR
  • Wash the car costs 5,9 USD = 5 EUR

Automatic does not give change.

Cyprus Transport, Parking meter photo
Parking meter photo
Cyprus Transport, Parking at Paphos Airport
Parking at Paphos Airport

Parking at Paphos Airport

  • 20 minutes 1,2 USD = 1 EUR
  • 40 minutes 3,5 USD = 3 EUR
  • per hour 4,7 USD = 4 EUR

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